A. James Gregor

Author, political commentator, politics, fascism, Marxism, national security, Professor of Political Science Emeritus at the University of California, Berkeley

a.k.a.Anthony James Gregor
school(s)Columbia University, UC Berkeley

Adam Pearlman

Political activist who faked being an operative of al-Queda

Alex Jones living

TV host of Info Wars, TV presenter on The Alex Jones Show, investigative journalist, sensationalist writer, author of The Great Reset and the War for the World, radio broadcaster, KLBJ AM owned by Emmis, conspiracy researcher, political commentator, politics, early days a webmaster at Strategic Forecasting (Stratfor)
1974- (49)

Dr. Maria-Anca Cernea

Political commentator, politics, whistleblower

Andy Wigmore

Bad Boy of Brexit politician, political commentator, politics, communications director for Leave.eu

Barbara Olson

Author of Hell to Pay (Hillary Clinton), journalist, political commentator, politics, died in plane crash on 9/11

William F. Buckley

CIA intelligence officer
1925-2008 (83)

Bill D. Moyes

Journalist, political commentator, politics, White House press secretary from 1965-1967

Bill Moyers

Journalist, TV host of A World of Ideas, political commentator, politics, director of the Council on Foreign Relations from 1967-1974

Bill O'Reilly

TV host on Fox News, author, political commentator, politics

Candace Owens

Conservative politcal commentator, politics, political activist, TV host, podcaster

Carl Schmitt

Jurist, philosopher, Nazi political theorist, political commentator, politics
1888-1985 (97)

Cenk Uygur

Political commentator, politics, co-founder of The Young Turks

Christopher Gadsden

Political activist, American flag designer of the Gadsden flag with a rattlesnake and "DONT TREAD ON ME" in 1775 and was used in the American Revolutionary War

David Asher

Political commentator, politics, COVID whistleblower

David Gergen living

Political commentator, politics, publicist, public relations for the White House, founder of With Honor Action (With Honor Fund)
1942- (81)

David Hancock

Spokesperson for Kyle Rittenhouse family, political commentator, politics

David Rothkopf living

CEO of the Rothkopf Group, formerly chairman of International Media Partners, political scientist, international relations, journalist, media consultant in the United Arab Emirates (UAE), managing director at Kissinger Associates, co-founder and chairman of Intellibridge, author of Superclass
1955- (68)

Faith Goldy living

Journalist for the Daily Stormer, The Rebel Media, podcaster, political commentator, politics, former mayoral candidate
1989- (34)

Francis Fukuyama living

Political scientist, economist, writer, author of The Last Man, The End of History, and The Origins of Political Order
1952- (71)

C. Fred Bergsten living

Political adviser, political commentator, politics, economist, author of China's Rise and 35 other economy books, founder of the Peterson Institute for International Economics (PIIE)
1941- (82)

Gary Hart

Politician, lawyer, author, professor, political commentator, politics

Geoffrey Robertson

Political commentator, politics, activist

Jake Sullivan living

US National Security Advisor to President Biden, political advisor, political strategist, politics, Democratic Party politician
1976- (47)

James Burnham

Political theorist, philosopher, pioneer in organization models, ordered management model theory

Jason Jones

Political activist, political commentator, politics, philanthropist

Jerome Corsi living

Mossad intelligence officer, QAnon decoder, political commentator, politics, author Unfit for Command, The Obama Nation
1946- (77)

Jim Marrs

Investigative journalist, author, political commentator, politics, whistleblower

Joe Klein living

Author of Primary Colors, novelist aka Anonymous, writer, columnist for Time magazine, political commentator, politics
1946- (77)

J.J. Mearsheimer

Marxist political scientist, politics, pioneer in offensive realism, author of The Israel Lobby, Why Leaders Lie

José Landowsky

Political scientist, political commentator, politics, writer of the Red Symphony transcripts that were found on his dead corpse and later released as "Sinfonia en Rojo Mayo" (in Spanish) and later published in 1968, then again online by Peter Myers

Justin Raimondo

Author, journalist, writer, co-founder and editor at Antiwar.com, libertarian, conservative political commentator, politics, LGBTQ, gay rights advocate
1951-2019 (68)

Keith Olbermann

Sportscaster, sports writer, political commentator, politics

Larry Pinkney

Political activist in the original Black Panther Party, political commentator, politics

Liberty Man

Political commentator, politics, podcaster on Framing the World

Mark Skidmore (economist)

Economist, writer for Lighthouse Economics, blogger, whistleblower, political commentator, politics

Michael Ashcroft living

Billionaire businessman, ADT home security systems, politician, deputy chairman of the Conservative Party, author of In The Shadows, Unfair Game
1946- (77)

Nick J. Fuentes

Political commentator, politics

Noam Chomsky

Linguist, philosopher, cognitive scientist, political commentator, politics, activist, author of Superpowers in Collision

Paul Hellyer

Politician, Minister of National Defence of Canada, Queen's Privy Council of Canada, engineer, writer, political commentator, politics, author of Hope Restored, The Money Mafia, A Miracle in Waiting
1923-2021 (98)

Piers Morgan

TV host, luxury travel, political commentator, politics

Robert Reich

US Secretary of Labor for Bill Clinton, professor, author, lawyer, attorney, political commentator, politics, bestselling author of Aftershock, The System Who Rigged It How To Fix It

Roger Stone

Political commentator, politics

Royce White

Political commentator, politics, podcaster on Free People Radio, former NBA basketball player

Steve Bannon

Conservative political commentator, politics

Summayah Din

ASUC Senate lobbyist, political commentator, politics, #Dintifada

Tommy Robinson living

Activist, political commentator, politics
1982- (41)

Tony Robinson

Actor, comedian, historian, TV host, political commentator, politics

Udo Keppler

Political cartoonist, publisher, political commentator, politics
1872-1956 (84)

Zhang Boli

Political commentator, politics, whistleblower

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