Bob Fabry

Computer programmer, founder of Computer Systems Research Group (with DARPA funding), inventor of AT&T Unix file system

a.k.a.Robert Samuel Fabry
school(s)University of Chicago, UC Berkeley, University of California

Aaron Swartz

Computer programmer aka Aaron Schwartz, software engineer, co-founder of Reddit, co-creator of RSS, Markdown, Creative Commons, committed suicide, FBI warrant after downloading millions of JSTOR documents at MIT
1986-2013 (27)

Ada Lovelace

Mathematician, computer programmer before computers were mainstream

Adam Back

cypherpunk, blockchain tech, cryptographer, Bitcoin crytocurrency, inventor of Hashcash in 1997 and finalized the whitepaper in 2002, Hashcash – A Denial of Service Counter-Measure

Adele Goldberg

Computer programmer, co-creator of Smalltalk, entrepreneur

Andy Rubin

Software engineer, computer programmer, robotics, inventor of Android and sold it to Google for $50 million, founder of Danger Inc. that invented the T-Mobile Sidekick

Aubrey Cottle living

Hacker aka Kirtaner, founding member of Anonymous, computer programmer, cybersecurity expert, software developer
1987- (37)

Biz Stone

Computer programmer, software engineer, inventor, co-founder of Twitter

Blake Ross

Computer programmer, software engineer, inventor, co-founder of Mozilla Foundation known for the FireFox web browser

Bob Kahn

Computer programmer, software engineer, co-inventor of TCP/IP protocol

Bob Sproull living

computer scientist, computer programmer, director of Oracle Labs, researcher at Sun Microsystems, Xerox Palo Alto Research Center
1945- (79)

Bram Cohen

Inventor of BitTorrent protocol, computer programmer, crypto enthusiast, founder of Chia Network

Brian Kernighan living

Computer scientist, co-inventor of C programming language, computer programmer
1942- (82)

John T. Draper ("Captain Crunch")

Cypherpunk, computer programmer, phone phreak

Daniel Larimer

Cryptographer, inventor of Delegated Proof of Stake (DPOS) consensus system

Dave Hyatt

Computer programmer, software engineer, inventor, co-founder of Mozilla Foundation known for the FireFox web browser

David Heinemeier Hansson (DHH) living

Inventor of Ruby on Rails, co-founder and CTO of Basecamp, HEY email, car racing driver
1979- (45)

Eugene Kaspersky living

Billionaire, cybersecurity expert, software programmer, founder and CEO of Kaspersky Labs in 1997, his son Ivan Kaspersky was kidnapped in 2011
1965- (59)

Evan Williams

Computer programmer, software engineer, co-founder of Twitter, Blogger, Medium

Frank Land living

Computer programmer, pioneer of information theory, UK professor of Information Systems, Department of IT at the London School of Economics
1928- (96)

Gary Kildall

Computer programmer, founder of Digital Research and inventor of the first computer operating system

Henry Spencer living

Computer programmer, inventor of Regex (regular expressions)
1955- (69)

Isai Scheinberg

Founder of PYR, his son Mark Scheinberg created out of this PYR tech company, computer programmer for IBM Canada

Jackson Palmer

Software engineer at Adobe, inventor of Dogecoin, cypherpunk, cryptographer, YouTuber, crypto enthusiast

James H. Clark living

Billionaire, co-founder of Netscape, Mosaic web browser, computer programmer, entrepreneur
1944- (80)

James Gosling

Computer programmer, co-creator of Java programming language

Jay Forrester

Inventor of the first personal computer (PC) to study climate change for Volkwagen

Jean-Jacques Quisquater

cryptographer, professor at University of Louvain

Jim Clark

Programmer, inventor, founder of Netscape, Silicon Graphics

John McCarthy

Computer programmer, inventor, creator of Lisp programming language

Jon Oringer living

Billionaire, stock photography, founder and CEO of Shutterstock, computer programmer
1974- (50)

Joshua Schulte living

CIA whistleblower, released Vault 7 documents to WikiLeaks, computer programmer, political activist
1988- (36)

Ken Kocienda

Computer programmer at Apple, inventor of predictive touch keyboard, auto-correct using dictionary keywords

Michael Carter

Computer programmer, inventor of WebSocket protocol, sold Hello World Company to Life360

Michael Riconosciuto living

Computer programmer modifying the PROMIS software working at Inslaw, The Octopus
1948- (76)

Nick Szabo

Computer programmer, software engineer, cypherpunk, blockchain techn, Bitcoin cryptographer, credited with the idea of smart contracts in cryptocurrency, crypto enthusiast, inventor of Bit Gold

Peiter Zatko living

Cybersecurity expert aka Mudge, hacker, computer programmer
1970- (54)

Ralph H. Baer

inventor of video games, computer programmer, Father of Video Games

Ray Ozzie

Chief Software Architect of Microsoft Live Mesh, software engineer, military-grade secure networks at Groove

Scott Forstall

Computer programmer for Apple, co-creator of iOS that was a smaller version of macOS

Scott McNealy

Computer programmer, entrepreneur, businessman, co-founder of Sun Microsystems in 1982

Shawn Fanning

Co-founder of Naspter, lead developer, computer programmer, founder of Helium

Vannevar Bush

Computer programmer, inventor, early Internet pioneer

Andrew "Weev" Auernheimer

Hacker, computer programmer

Wei Dai

cypherpunk, blockchain tech, cryptographer, inventor of B-Money

Yuri Sagalov

Inventor of AeroFS, computer programmer, founder and CEO of Redbooth

Yves Pigneur

computer scientist, designer, co-founder of Strategyzer, co-creator of the Business Model Canvas (BMC), professor of Management Information Systems (MIS) at the University of Lausanne since 1984

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