Christopher, Lord Geidt

Principal private secretary to Queen Elizabeth II from 2007-2017, Crossbench party politician, member of the UK House of Lords, chairman of the Council of Kings College London

a.k.a.Lord Christopher Edward Wollaston MacKenzie Geidt, Baron Geidt, GCB, GCVO, OBE, QSO, PC, FKC
life1961- (61)
spouse(s)Emma Charlotte Angela Neill
school(s)Cambridge, Oxford


King of Wessex (West Saxons) from 839-858 AD, military commander of Northumbria who defeated King Beornwulf of Mercia at Kent, son of King Ecbert, 4 of his 5 sons became kings
795 AD-858 AD

Al Gray

US military general, army officer, military veteran

Alan Sabrosky

US Marine officer, retired military veteran, 911 whistleblower

Albert Speer

German army general, minister of armaments and war production for the Third Reich

General Alexander Farnese

Military general of the Spanish army, nobleman, Duke of Parma, Piacenza and Castro from 1586-1592, Governor of the Spanish Netherlands from 1578-1592
1545-1592 (47)

Andrew Ford

Army officer, military veteran

Dr. Anthony Tether

Director of Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) from 2001-2009

Armando Diaz

Marshal of Italy, military general, Armistice of Villa Giusti (Padua), The Bollettino della Vittoria

Arthur Cherep-Spiridovich

Army general in the Imperial Russian Navy, military veteran, author of The Secret World Government or "The Hidden Hand"
1868-1926 (58)

Arthur H. McCollum

Navy officer, CIA intelligence officer, military veteran, religious Baptist missionary, wrote the memo to FDR an 8-step plan to invoke the Japanese into war with America, ultimately leading to the attack on Pearl Harbor, Hawaii
1898-1976 (78)

Ashli Babbitt

Military veteran, conservative activist, fatally shot while entering the Washington US Capitol building on Jan 6 (J6)

Bairam Khan

Military commander-in-chief of the Mughal army

Baron von Steuben

Inspector General, engineer, lieutenant, Major General of the Continental Army during the American Revolutionary War, army veteran, military veteran, famous for bayonette fighting, homosexual, openly gay, LGBTQ
1730-1794 (64)

Barry Goldwater

Republican politician, former US senator, military veteran, author of The Conscience of a Conservative
1909-1998 (89)

Bernard Montgomery

British Army officer in Irish War of Independence, WWI/WWII, aka The Spartan General

Black Elk

War leader who fought Crazy Horse at the Battle of Little Bighorn
1863-1950 (87)

Bob Hamer

FBI intelligence officer, retired military veteran

Braxton Bragg

Lieutenant colonel in the US army, general of the Confederate army in the American Civil War, Fort Bragg named after him

Brent Scowcroft

Lietuenant general, US army general, military veteran

King Canute ("Cnut the Great")

King of England from 1016-1035, King of Denmark from 1018-1035, King of Norway and Sweden from 1028-1035, viking warrior, military commander
985 AD-1035

Carl Stiner

US army general, military veteran

Carter Page

petroleum industry consultant, military veteran, army

Charles Alvin Beckwith

Founder of Delta Force

Charles Guthrie

Gold Stick-in-Waiting, British army officer, member of House of Lords of the United Kingdom from 2001-2020

Charles Martel

Military leader, statesman, Duke and Prince of the Franks

Charlie Wilhelm

US army general, military veteran

Chester W. Nimitz

Admiral of the US Navy
1885-1966 (81)

Chesty Puller

Army officers, military veteran

Christian Noyer living

Lawyer, attorney, naval officer, military veteran, honorary governor of the Banque de France, former chairman of the Bank of International Settlments
1950- (72)

Christopher Speer

Military veteran, army special ops, killed by Omar Kadhr in Afghanistan

Carl von Clausewitz

Prussian military general, miltary strategist, pioneer in morality of war, author of On War
1780-1831 (51)

Clay Shaw

Businessman, US Army major general retired military veteran in 1946, established International Trade Mart, board member of Permindex, World Trade Development Committee

Colin Mackenzie

Army officer in the British East India Company, military veteran, engineer, orientalist, surveyor general of India after Tipu Sultan in 1799
1754-1821 (67)

Colin Wallace

MI6 whistleblower, military veteran, army veteran

Matthew C. Perry

US Navy, naval officer, army veteran, military veteran

Charles, Lord Cornwallis

British army general aka Lord Cornwallis, colonel of the 33rd Regiment of Foot, military officer for the British colonists during the American Revolutionary War, surrendered at the siege of Yorktown in 1781, governor of Bengal from 1786-1793 during the Permanent Settlement of Bengal
1738-1805 (67)

Crazy Horse

Lakota war leader at the Battle of Little Bighorn
1840-1877 (37)

Culper, Jr.

Loyalist spy for the British Army in the Culper Ring during the American Revolutionary War, famous for using iron gall ink (invisible ink) with gallic acid and iron sulphate

Daniel Lewin

Mathematician, entrepreneur, co-founder of Akamai Technologies, a content delivery network (CDN) and cloud computing services firm, ex-Israeli special forces, military veteran
1970-2001 (31)

Daniel Morgan

Pioneer, soldier, militia officer, Patriot sniper, sharpshooter, battlefield tactician, Brigadier General during the American Revolutionary War
1736-1802 (66)

Dave Kleiman

Bitcoin pioneer, computer scientist, cypherpunk, crypto enthusiast, army veteran, early Bitcoin inventor, forensics expert, author of several cybersecurity books, died from ALS

Dick Cheney

Secretary of Defense under George Bush Sr. and Vice President of the United States under George W Bush, CEO of Halliburton

Chancellor Dolfuss

German Chancellor during WWII, famous for reviewing the Hitler documents

Douglas Leese

British arms deal known as the Al Yamamah Deal, investment banker, financier, principal of Towers Financial

Douglas MacArthur

US army general, military veteran, field marshal to the Philippine Army
1880-1964 (84)

Dudley Knox

Navy captain, military veteran, one of FDR's trusted advisors

Edward Rowny

Army lieutenant general during Polish extraction, military veteran, negotiator on the Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty

EI du Pont

Gunpowder business supplied Union Army in Civil War and the US military in the world wars

Emiliano Zapata

Mexican Revolutionary War, military veteran of the Zapatistan Army of National Liberation, Zapatismo movement

Ernest Shackleton

Royal Navy officer, military veteran, first person to reach the southern magnetic (south) pole of earth

Evelyn Achille de Rothschild

Banker, military veteran, died in WWI
1886-1917 (31)

Felipe Braun

Great Marshal of Montenegro, fought in the independence war of South America
1798-1869 (71)

L. Fletcher Prouty

Colonel in the US Air Force, military veteran, Chief of Special Operations for the US Joint Chiefs of Staff, JFK whistleblower, banker, author of The Secret Team, Origins of Oil
1917-2001 (84)

Francis Cromie

MI6 intelligence officer, British Royal Navy commander, military veteran, POW, prison of war

Francisco Pizarro

Spanish conquistador who defeated the Incas in 1532

Frank J. Sprague

Naval officer, military veteran, industrial engineer, inventor of the DC motor for electric trains, father of electric traction, electric railways, electric elevators

Frank Wisner

Lawyer, attorney of Wall Street, co-founder of Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), CIA officer in the 1950s
1909-1965 (56)

Archduke Franz Ferdinand

Archduke of Austria-Hungary empire, politician who in Sarajevo was assassinated in 1914 by The Black Hand which escalated to begin World War I
1863-1914 (51)

Frederick Osborn

Major General, military veteran, co-founder of the Population Council
1889-1981 (92)

Frederick W. Lanchester

Aerospace engineer, military strategist, military veteran, scientist, aerodynamics, pioneer in automobiles, Britain's first automaker in 1896
1868-1946 (78)

Gaston de Foix

Duke of Nemours, duc de Nemours, military commander known as the Thunderbolt of Italy from 1489-1512

Robert E. "General" Lee

Confederate US Army general of Northern Virginia during the US Civil War, lieutenant colonel aka General Lee, miltary veteran in the Mexican-American War
1807-1870 (63)

Genrikh Yagoda

Military general, secret police of the Bolsheviks

George C. Marshall

US Secretary of State, military veteran, foreign affairs, The Marshall Plan, formally European Recovery Program from 1948–51

George S. Patton

US army general aka General Patton, military leader

King Henry V of England

King of England from 1413-1422, Lord of Ireland, military commander during the Hundred Years War against France resulting in the rise of the British empire

King Henry VIII

King of England from 1509-1547, known as the father of the Royal Navy, Supreme Head of the Church of England, excommunicated from the Catholic Church by Pope Clement VII which led to the English Reformation and the separation of papal authority (Catholic Church), had 6 wives and known for divorcing or killing his wives, his second wife was Anne Boleyn, created the Anglican church to have his first marriage annulled, his daughter was known as "Bloody" Mary Tudor, or Queen Mary I of England
1491-1547 (56)

Hermann Göring

Chief of Luftwaffe in Hitler's Nazi Germany

Hernán Cortés

Castillian Spanish conquistador, explorer to Mexico, military leader who conquered Montezuma and the Aztecs of Mexico in 1520, led an expedition for the King of Castile to collapse the Aztec Empire
1485-1547 (62)

Adolf Hitler

Führer (leader) of the German people, fascist dictator of Nazi German socialism, politician aka Adolf Hitler, National Socialists German Workers Party (Nazis), Third Reich Party politician, military veteran, sentenced for 5 years (served 12 months), writer, author of Mein Kampf (My Struggle/Fight), fanatic artist, hand drawings

Hussein bin Ali

Arab leader of the Banu Hashemite family, military veteran in the Great Arab Revolt

Igor Sikorsky

Inventor, one of the first successful helicopters, grandfather of helicopters, inventor of multi-engine planes, the Sikorsky Black Hawk helicopter is used by the US military

Isaac Davis

Gunsmith, militia officer, military veteran, captain of the Minutemen from Acton during the American Revolutionary War
1745-1775 (30)

James Baker, III

Political advisor at Carlyle Group, former US Secretary of State

James Forrestal

American patriot, nationalist, financier, Wall Street banker, 1st US Secretary of Defense, US Secretary of the Navy
1892-1949 (57)

King James IV of Scotland

King of Scotland from 1488-1513, died in the Battle of Flodden
1473-1513 (40)

James O Ellis

Head of US Strategic Command

Jean de Carrouges

Knight equestrian

Jim Doolittle

army general

Jim Joy

US army general, military veteran

Jocko Willink

NAVY seal, military veteran, army veteran

Joseph P. Kennedy Sr.

Military veteran, died in WWII

Joel Skousen

Survivalist, political scientist, strategic relocation, marine corps officer, FBI intelligence officer

John Boyd

US Air Force fighter pilot, Pentagon consultant, military strategist in WWII, Korean War, Vietnam War
1927-1997 (70)

John R. Galvin

Supreme Allied Commander of Europe, military commander

John Graves Simcoe

British Army general aka John Simcoe, 1st lieutenant governor of Upper Canada (Ontario) from 1791-1796
1752-1806 (54)

John III Sobieski

King of Poland, Grand Duke of Lithuania from 1674-1696, military commander in the battles at Vienna
1629-1696 (67)

John McCrae

Poet who wrote "In Flanders Fields", author, writer, doctor, physician, surgeon, military veteran, lieutenant colonel, soldier who fought and died in World War I
1872-1918 (46)

John Nagl living

Lieutenant colonel, military operations of psychological warfare counterinsurgency expert, military veteran, retired Lieutenant Colonel in the US Army, former headmaster at the Haverford School, author of Knife Fights
1966- (56)

John Parker (farmer)

Farmer, gunsmith, militia officer, captain for the Patriots at the Battle of Lexington, MA in 1775
1729-1775 (46)

John Paul Jones

US Navy, naval commander, naval officer, military veteran
1747-1792 (45)

John Rawlings Reese living

Physician, psychiatrist, head of the British Army Psychological Warfare Bureau
1890- (132)

John Robert Osborn

Sergeant Major, soldier, military veteran

Jorge Rafael Videla

President of the Argentine Republic from 1976-1981, military veteran, commander of the Military Junta army, coup d'état of Isabel Perón

Josef Mengele

SS officer during WWII, military veteran, known as Todesengel (the Angel of Death)

Joseph Murphy

US Army major, military veteran, USMC, COVID whistleblower, exposed documents on the Wuhan Institue of Virology lab

Joseph Plumb Martin

Militia officer, military veteran, General during the American Revolutionary War

H. Keith Melton living

US Navy, military, intelligence officer, historian, author of Spycraft
1944- (78)

King James II of England (VII of Scotland)

King of England and Ireland (as James II of England) and King of Scotland (as James VII of Scotland) from 1685-1688 until deposed during the Glorius Revolution, commander of the Royal Navy from 1660-1673, Jacobean Archbishop of Canterbury
1633-1701 (68)

Kirill Vladimirovich

Grand Duke of Russia, grandson of Emperor Alexander II, Naval Guards, military veteran

Kitín Muñoz

Scientist, adventurer, pilot, commando, military veteran

Kyle Rittenhouse

won landmark case in self-defense court trial

Lawrence H. Livingston

US major general, military veteran of the Vietnam War

Leo Major

military veteran

King Leonidas I

King of Sparta from 490-480 BCE, military veteran of the 300 Spartans, Molon labe, battle of the Spartans
-480 BCE

Licio Gelli

Grand Orient of Italy, freemasonry, industrialist, fascist banker known for the Banco Ambrosiano scandal, Grand Master and co-founder of the P2 lodge (Propaganda Due), fought in the Spanish Civil War
1919-2015 (96)

Little Crow

Mdewakanton Dakota chief during the Dakota War of 1862 against the United States
1810-1863 (53)

L.L. Lemnitzer

Army general during the Gulf of Tonken, military veteran, Operation Northwoods, attack drones in Cuba plan during JFK

Lloyd Austin living

US army general, military veteran
1953- (69)

Louis de Bourbon, Prince of Condé

Prince of Condé, military general of the Huguenots, nobleman, founder of the House of Bourbon-Condé
1530-1569 (39)

Louis Mountbatten

Admiral of the Royal Navy, military officer, uncle of Prince Philip and member of the British royal family, Viceroy of India to partition Pakistan, assassinated

King Ludwig III of Bavaria

The last King of Bavaria from 1913-1918, lieutenant during the Austro-Prussian War, military veteran


Spartan virtues; equality, military fitness, austerity


Spartan military commander, defeated the Delian League of Athenians in 405 BC during the Peloponnesian War


Battle of Maiwand in 1880, died by assassination, rallied Pashtun fighters during the Second Anglo-Afghan War
1861-1880 (19)

Mark Milley living

US military general, army general, chairman of the US Joint Chiefs of Staff from 2019
1958- (64)

Marquis de Lafayette living

Military veteran of the Black Musketeers, wealthy nobleman, revolutionary during the American Revolution, freemasonry, his father died in the French Seven Years War
1757- (265)

Matthew Ridgway

US army officer, army veteran, military veteran

Meriwether Lewis Clark Sr.

US Army officer, military veteran, son of famous explorer William Clark

Meriwether Lewis Clark Jr.

US Army general, military veteran, founder of the Kentucky Derby

Michael Hayden

US army general, military veteran, author of The Assault on Intelligence

Michael Jaco

NAVY seal, military veteran, army veteran

Michael McLaughlin living

veteran of the International Brigades
1940- (82)

Michael Wittmann

Tank commander, tanker, military veteran

Nicholas Gilman

Signatory for U.S. Constitution, soldier in the Continental Army during the American Revolutionary War

Oliver North living

Iran Contra Affair, famously said "Plausible Deniability", Republican Party politician, political commentator, politics
1943- (79)

Omar N. Bradley

Military general

Patrick Bergy

Military veteran, army veteran, cybersecurity analyst, whistleblower

Paul Yingling

Lieutenant colonel, military operations of psychological warfare

Philip M. Breedlove living

Retired US army general, military veteran, 4-star general of the US Air Force, former NATO supreme commander, US European supreme allied commander of the United Nations
1955- (67)

P.W. Botha

President of South Africans, military, security services for the Apartheid in South Africa

Raffaele Giudice

military commander of the Finance Guard

Reinhard Gehlen living

German Nazi lieutenant-general, spy for Hitler, CIA spy, CIA intelligence officer, military soldier in 1920 for the Weimar Republic, founder of the Gehlen Organization which led to being the first President of the Bundeanachrichtendienst (BND), chief of FHO secret intelligence unit of Germany following WWII, military general of Wehrmacht Foreign Armies East
1902- (120)

Richard Machowicz

US Navy SEAL, military veteran, TV host of Future Weapons on Discovery Channel, died of brain cancer
1965-2017 (52)

Richard Myers

US Air Force general, miltary veteran, 15th chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff

Richard Randolph Carr

Saw the JFK shooter leaving the Texas School Book Depository in a Rambler, military veteran of WWII, survived multiple assassination attempts
1922-1996 (74)

Robert LeRoy Horton

US army sergeant, military veteran, psychological operations, whistleblower

Robert McFarlane

Lieutenant colonel, US army general, US National Security Advisor from 1983-1985, military veteran in the Vietnam war

Robert the Pious

Military commander as Junior King in 987 AD for his father Hugh Capet, King of the Franks from 996-1031, Capetian dynasty or House of Capet
972 AD-1031

Roddie Edmonds

US army veteran, master sergeant during World War II, military veteran
1919-1985 (66)

Roméo Dallaire living

Lieutenant-general in the Canadian Forces, military veteran, Liberal politician, Canadian senator, UN peacekeeping mission in Rwandan genocide
1946- (76)

Rudolf Hess

Parachuter, flew to England regarding the end of World War II.

Rurik of Ladoga

Norse viking of the Rurik dynasty
-879 AD

Saint Maurice

Military leader, Theban Legion of Rome
-287 AD

Simon Cooper

Major General

Smedley Butler

US marine aka Old Gimlet Eye, military veteran in Mexican Revolution, Boxer Rebellion, Philippine-American War, World War I, author of War Is a Racket
1881-1940 (59)

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