Daniel Coit Gilman

Educator, pioneer in postgraduate education, academic, co-founder of Sheffield Scientic School at Yale College, Skull & Bones Society at Yale, 2nd president of UC Berkeley, founding president of Johns Hopkins University (Baltimore), Carnegie Institution (Foundation)

life1831-1908 (77)
school(s)Yale University, Johns Hopkins University, University of California Berkeley, UC Berkeley

Abraham Flexner

Educator, creator of the Flexner Report on Medical Education

Andrew D. White

Founding president of Cornell University

Bill Campbell

Mentor, educator at Columbia University

Booker T. Washington

Educator, orator, author, advisor to US Presidents, first president of Tuskegee University
1856-1915 (59)

Cecelia Tichi living

Professor, academic, author, mystery novelist, formerly President of American Studies Association
1942- (81)

Eberhard I

Duke of Württemberg, educator, founder of Tübingen University

Elizabeth Peabody

Teacher aka Miss Peabody, educator, she opened the first kindergarten class in the United States (USA), pioneer in transcendentalism
1804-1894 (90)

George Stimpson

Educator, founder of the National Press Club

Georges Doriot

Professor, educator, inventor of the venture capitalist idealogy, business conduct and dress codes
1899-1987 (88)

Horace Mann

Whig politician, promoter of public education in 1848, educational reformer

Hosea Ballou II

Universalist church minister, pioneer in universalism, 1st president at Tufts University from 1853-1861

Jane Elliott

Teacher, educator, psychologist, pioneer of the "blue eyes/brown eyes" experiment for school kids, lecturer, diversity trainer, author of A Collar in My Pocket

John Craven

Educator, founder of Craven scholaships at Oxford University, Cambridge University
1610-1648 (38)

John Dewey

Educator, teacher, writer, philosopher, pioneer in pragmatism, socialist, psychologist, pedagogical theories, father of progressive education in the United States, modern schools, known for the Dewey decimal system, president of the Fabian Socialist League for Industrial Democracy (LID)
1859-1952 (93)

John Elkington

Educator, speaker, pioneer of the triple bottom line concept which is for social, environmental, financial impact in business (more commonly as ESG)

John Marshall Evans

Activist, educator

John Sperling

Billionaire, Apollo Group, founder of the University of Phoenix, educator

John Taylor Gatto

school teacher, educator, compulsory schooling

Laura Spelman Rockefeller

School teacher, educator, abolitionist, activist, philanthropist

Lex Fridman living

Computer scientist, educator at MIT, podcaster about AI (artificial intelligence), robotics and other such topics on his Lex Fridman Podcast
1983- (40)

Nita Ambani

Educator, schoolteacher, chair of Dhirubhai Ambani International School, her husband is Mukesh Ambani

Jean Henri Pestalozzi

Romanticism author, Die Ephemerides, educator, pioneer of the Pestalozzianism form of education system, pedagogue, educational reformer, freemasonry
1746-1827 (81)

Richard Ivey living

Educator, prestigious namesake Richard Ivey Business School in Canada for HBA/MBA
1925- (98)

Sal Khan

Educator, founder of the Khan Academy

William Collins

Founder of the Collins English Dictionary, educator, scholar

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