Daniel Kammen

Scientist, renewable energy activist

a.k.a.Daniel Merson Kammen
school(s)Cornell, Harvard, Berkeley

Alan Kay living

Computer scientist, inventor, creator of Smalltalk, coined the term "object-oriented programming" (OOP)
1940- (83)

Anders Celsius

Scientist, inventor

Antal Fekete

Economist, monetary scientist, mathematician

Arthur Rudolph

Rocket scientist, aerospace engineer, designer of the Saturn rocket
1906-1996 (90)


An Italian scientists known for Avogadro’s hypothesis.

Benjamin Silliman


Bill Joy living

Computer scientist, computer engineer, investor, writer, co-creator of Java, co-founder of Sun Microsystems which sold to Oracle
1954- (69)

Bjarne Stroustrup

Computer scientist, inventor, creator of C++, C with classes based on Simula

Boris Nikolic

Scientific advisor to Bill Gates Catalyst 3 (bgc3), Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation (BMGF), director at Schrodinger, co-inventor of CRISPR

Brad Cox

Computer scientist, inventor, creator of Objective-C programming language

Christopher Wren

Architect, early pioneer of the scientific method, Gresham Professor of Astronomy, formed and led a group of 12 in a College for Experimental Learning

Craig Wright

Computer scientist, many claims to be Satoshi Nakamoto the Bitcoin inventor, founder of nChain, DeMorgan


Law of partial pressures; Atomic theory; laws of chemical combination; the law of multiple proportions.

David Brewster

Scientist known for Brewster's angle, inventor, pioneer in physical optics (polarization of light), administrator, author
1781-1868 (87)

David Holmgren

Scientist, botanist, pioneer in sustainability and permaculture

David Hughes

Scientist, researcher with the Geological Survey of Canada

David Kelly

Scientist, head of Porton Down for 9 years, bioweapons expert, chemical weapons researcher, died in the park behind his home

David Sinclair

Geneticist, anti-aging advoctate at Harvard

Dennis M. Bushnell

Chief scientist at NASA, philosopher of Malthusianism, climate change, transhumanism

Dmitri Mendeleev

Periodic Law, grandfather of the Periodic table


Sulpha drugs as bactericides.

Ed Snowden

Whistleblower, computer scientist, former National Security Agency (NSA) agent

Elmer K. Bolton

Scientist, inventor of Neoprene at DuPont

Fernando Corbato

Computer scientist, MIT scientist, technologist, inventor of the password creation and computer time sharing (CTS)

Frederick Banting

Scientist, biologist, inventor of insulin a cure for diabetes, medical scientist that helped discover insulin

Johann Goethe

Poet aka Johann Goethe, playwright, novelist, scientist, theatre director

Gregor Mendel

Scientist, modern science of genetics and inheritance

Hans von Ohain

Aerospace engineer, rocket scientist, inventor of the first operational jet engine

Henry Cavendish

Scientist, pioneer of the scientific method in 1766, inventor, discovery of hydrogen, rare gases, chemical composition of water

Henry Fox Talbot

photographer, scientist, inventor of salted paper and calotype process
1800-1877 (77)

Henry Markram living

Neuroscientist, professor at the École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne, founder of the Human Brain Project, director of the Blue Brain Project
1962- (61)

Herb Boyer

Biochemist, scientist co-founder at Genentech, inventor of an artificial bacteria and recombinant DNA technology with Stan Cohen and Doug Hanahan, father of genetic engineering and synthetic insulin, human growth hormones

Hugo Theorell

Theoretical scientist

Jack Parsons

Rocket scientist, engineer, chemist, Thelemite occultist
1914-1952 (38)

James Hansen

NASA scientist

Jan Baptist van Helmont

Scientist, discovery of pneumatic chemistry

John Evelyn

Scientist, author of Sylva

John W. Gittinger, MD

Clinical psychologist, scientist, medicine researcher, neuro-ophthalmologist, ophthalmology, otolaryngology, pioneer of the Personal Assessment System (PAS)

John Innes Kane

Explorer, scientist, philanthropist, grandmother Dorothea Astor, great-grandfather was John Jacob Astor

Kristian Birkeland

Scientist, discovery of Birkeland currents or the electric ionosphere of the universe

Lawrence Krauss


Lew Hollander

Scientist, Ironman


scientist, pioneer in helium gas

Marcia Angell

Scientist, editor for the New England Journal of Medicine

Michael Barkun

Political scientist at Syracuse University, former FBI consultant, author of Chasing Phantoms, A Culture of Conspiracy

Norman Borlaug


Peter Medawar

Immunological resistance, scientist, pioneer aging, middle-essence (middle aged), researcher

Philo Farnsworth

Scientist, inventor, early TV pioneer, pioneering electric television technology


Scientist, pioneer in the discovery of oxygen


Scientist, discovery of inert gases like Argon, Helium, Neon etc.

Ray Avery

Pharmaceutical scientist, inventor, author, social entrepreneur

René Girard

Historian, literary critic, philosopher, social scientist, Mimetic desires, Mimentic theory

Robert Hooke

Naturalist, philosopher, architect, polymath, scientist, inventor, curator of science experiments, author of Micrographia

Robert Mallet

Scientist, pioneer in observational seismology from 1857-1862, earthquakes

Ronald Ross

Scientist, discovery of the malaria parasite

Rosalind Franklin

Biochemist, scientist, inventor, co-discovey of the DNA double helix, pioneer in genomics, Xray crystallographer

Royal Rife

Inventor of the universal microscope aka the Rife machine, scientist, microscopy

Steve Winnall

Computer scientist, inventor, nanotechnology, director of product engineering at Finisar

Thomson J.J.

Scientist, discover of the electron


Scientist, discovery of Heavy Hydrogen

Dr. Wadia

Geologist, pioneer in meteorology of the Himalayas, Geological Survey of India



William Pawelec

Computer scientist, inventor, nanotechnology, security systems, biotechnology, lithium niobate implantable chips, equestrian, research on implantable chips for horses

William Vogt


Yoshua Bengio

Computer scientist, AI, artificial intelligence

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