Homi (H.J.) Bhabha

Scientist, physicist, mechanical engineer, inventor, research in cosmic rays and quantum theory

a.k.a.Homi Jehangir Bhabha
life1909-1966 (57)
school(s)University of Cambridge

André-Marie Ampère

Mathematician, physicist, electromagnetism, inventor of the base unit of electricity, amperes are often shortened to amps


Mathematician, physicist, Archimedean law, discovery of the principles of lever and specific gravity, engineer, inventor, astronomer

Arnold Sommerfeld

Theoretical physicist, quantum physics, most Nobel prize nominations, azimuthal quantum number, magnetic quantum number, X-ray wave theory, magnetic fields


Scientist, physicist, discovery of the radio-activity in uranium

Niels Bohr

Physicist aka Niels Bohr, awarded Nobel Prize in Physics in 1922, discovery of quantum theory, atomic structure, inventor of Electron Theory

Bruce DePalma

Physicist, spinning metal balls, rotation, hyperdimensional physics, torsion physics

Daniel Gabriel Fahrenheit

Physicist, inventor of the alcohol thermometer for temperature measurements, Fahrenheit mercury thermometric scale in which freezing point is—32° and boiling point is 212°.
1686-1736 (50)

Dennis M. Jennings

Physicist, neutron stars, inventor, early Internet pioneer at NSFNET, venture capitalist

Edmond Halley

Astronomer, meteorologist, inventor of the liquid compass, geophysicist, mathematician

Edward Teller

Nuclear physicist, pioneer in geoengineering and climate change theory, inventor of the Hydrogen bomb, Vietnam War

Albert Einstein

Theoretical physicist, inventor of the Theory of Relativity, philosopher of science and modern physics

Enrico Fermi

Physicist, inventor of world's first nuclear reactor while artificially splitting atoms

Francis William Aston

Chemist, physicist, Nobel prize in chemistry, mass spectograph of isotopes, whole number rule
1877-1945 (68)

Freeman Dyson

Theoretical physicist in quantum field theory, mathematician, statistician
1923-2020 (97)

Galen Winsor

Nuclear physicist, nuclear scientist, designer of nuclear power plants

Georg Ohm

Physicist, inventor, Laws of Electrical Resistance

Gustav Fechner

Physicist, psychologist, philosopher, Weber-Fechner Law, student of Ernst Weber, psychophysics, study of spirit and the physical world, attitude scaling, hearing & vision research

Hannes Alfvén

Physicist, scientist, plasma cosmology instead of the Big Bang theory, chief scientist of Lawrenceville Plasma Physics


Physicist, worked at Niels Bohr's institute

Hermann von Helmholtz

Physicist, pioneer in quantum physics, researcher, founder of the Helmholtz Association
1821-1894 (73)

Henry Moseley


James Van Allen

Physicist, discovery of Van Allen radiation belts in 1958 from the launch of Explorer 1

J.J. Thomson

Physicist, inventor, Nobel laureate in physics, scientist, discovery of electrons

John Archibald Wheeler

Theoretical physicist, professor of Richard Feynman, coined the term Black Hole

John Bardeen

physicist, electrical engineer, co-inventor of the point-contact transistor 1947

John Dalton

Chemist, meteorologist, pioneer of the atomic theory, nuclear physicist, inventor, theory of atoms, pioneer of the Dalton's law of multiple proportions
1766-1844 (78)

John Dunning

Physicist for the Manhattan Project, co-inventor of the first atomic bombs

John Robison

Physicist, scientist

John Tyndall

Physicist, scientist, atomspheric gases

John von Neumann

Mathematician, polymath, axiomatization of set theory, quantum mechanics, physicist, worked on the Manhattan project
1903-1957 (54)

Klaus-Eckart Puls

Scientist, physicist, meteorologist, climatologist, climage change

Leo Szilard

physicist, inventor

Marie Curie

Scientist, physicist, chemist, inventor, discovery of Radium and Polonium, died of radiation, radioactivity, portable x-ray machine, Nobel Prize in Physics, Nobel Prize in Chemistry
1867-1934 (67)

Max Loughan

child genius, physicist, inventor, entrepreneur

Max Planck

Theoretical physicist aka Max Plank, pioneer in Quantum Theory, inventor, discovery of "The Matrix" by coining the term "This mind is the matrix of all matter.", invented Quantum Mechanics the other pillar of science to Einstein's theory of relativity, philosopher of science and modern physics
1858-1947 (89)

Michael Pupin

Physicist, inventor

Moritz Schlick

Philosopher, physicist, pioneer of logical positivism, founder of the Vienna Circle
1882-1936 (54)

Murray Gell-Mann

Physicist, scientist

Myles Allen

Physicist at Oxford Martin School, Oxford University

Neil deGrasse Tyson

Astrophysicist, cosmologist

Isaac Newton

Scientist, physicist, president of The Royal Society in 1710, inventor of gravity, Three Laws of Motion, Newtons Law of Gravitation, collaborated with Galileo Galilei, Physicist, Law of Gravitation, mathematician, philosopher, preceded Einstein and Max Planck's theories of modern physics

Nikola Tesla

Theoretical physicist, Death Ray teleforce plasma gun, dynamic theory of gravity, inventor of the alternator in 1896, alternating-current (AC) power system, automobile speedometers, mechanical rev counters, radio broadcasting, bladeless turbines, electrotherapy machines


physicist, chemist, inventor, discovery of electric currents creating magnetic fields the connection between electricity and magnetism


Manhattan Project, creating the atomic bomb, theoretical physicist

Otto Stern

Physicist, Nobel prize in physics

Paul Samuelson

Physicist, economist

Philipp Lenard

Physicist, pioneer in quantum physics, winner of the Nobel Prize in Physics
1862-1947 (85)


Nuclear physicist, pioneer in quantum theory

Rene de Réaumur

Entomologist, entomology, insects, zoology, physicist, writer, digestion, digestive system, temperature scales

Richard Feynman

Theoretical physicist, quantum mechanics, electrodynamics

Richard Lindzen living

Atmospheric physicist, photochemistry, dynamic meteorology, scientist studying the middle atmosphere, climate whistleblower
1940- (82)

Robert Boyle

Chemist, physicist, philosopher, pioneer of the scientific method for modern chemistry in 1671

Robert Hutchings Goddard

engineer, physicist, professor, inventor of the rocket in 1926

Robert Wilson

American physicist, first director of Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory

Roger Penrose

Mathematician, physicist, scientist, philosopher, Nobel Laureate in Physics

Rudolf Clausius

Physicist, mathematician, co-inventor and discovery of thermodynamics
1822-1888 (66)


Nuclear physicist, first to split the atom

Samuel T. Cohen

Nuclear physicist, co-inventor of the nuclear bomb

Sara Mazur

Physicist, AI expert

Stephen Gasiorowicz

Theoretical physicist, quantum physics
1928-2016 (88)

Walter Brattain

Physicist, co-inventor of the point-contact transistor in 1947

Walther Gerlach

Physicist, anti-gravity, magnetic fields, Stern-Gerlach effect

Wilhelm Weber

Weber is a unit of magnetic flux, physicist

J. Willard Gibbs

Scientist, chemist, theoretical physicist, inventor, co-discovery of thermodynamics
1839-1903 (64)

William Gilbert

Physician, doctor, physicist, writer, author of De Magnete, natural philosopher, pioneer in magnetism of the earth, inventor, pioneer of Gilberts (Gb) a former unit of measurement for magnetization
1544-1603 (59)

William Grove

Physicist, barrister, inventor of the first crude fuel cell in 1838

William Robert Grove

Inventor of the hydrogen fuel cell, theoretical physicist

William Shockley

Physicist, co-inventor of the point-contact transistor in 1947, founder of Shockley Semiconductor Laboratory (a division of Beckman Instruments) working on silicon semiconductors and a grandfather company what is now known as Silicon Valley

William Thomson (Lord Kelvin)

Scientist, natural philosopher, physicist, mathematician, engineer, inventor, discovery of the dynamic theory of heat or thermodynamics

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