Jim Fleck

Industrialist, businessman, founder of Fleck Manufacturing (NOMA Industries) lighting and electrical supplies

a.k.a.James Douglas Fleck, CC
life1931- (92)
spouse(s)Margaret Evelyn Fleck
school(s)University of Toronto Schools, University of Western Ontario (UWO), Harvard University

Adi Godrej living

Billionaire, industrialist, businessman, consumer goods, chairman of the Godrej Group
1942- (81)

Adolf Merckle

Billionaire heir from his Bohemian grandfather, founder of Phoenix Pharmahandel, industrialist for Volkswagen, investor in HeidelbergCement, Ratiopharm, entrepreneur, committed suicide after the 2008 Financial Crisis
1934-2009 (75)

Ahmet Calik living

Billionaire, energy, banking, construction
1958- (65)

Prince Al-Waleed bin Talal living

Billionaire businessman, industrialist, investor, financier, philanthropist, member of Saudi royal family
1955- (68)

Alan Zekelman

Steel tycoon, industrialist with Zekelman Industries (JMC Steel Group), his father founded Atlas Tube in 1984 (sold to Carlyle Group in 2006)

Albert Berner living

Billionaire, fasteners
1935- (88)

Alfred Beit

Conservative Party politician, industrialist, co-financier of Rhodesia with Cecil Rhodes, Witwatersrand gold mining magnate, co-founder of De Beers diamonds in Kimberley, Rhodesia (South Africa), art collector, philanthropist
1853-1906 (53)

Alfred Nobel

Chemist, industrialist, inventor of dynamite, engineer, Nobel Prize was established by his wealth by ownership of the Bofors armaments manufacturer

Alfredo DeGasperis

Industrialist laying pipes for Cadillac Development Corp., co-founder of ConDrain in 1954

Alfy Fanjul

Sugar tycoon, industrialist, yacht owner

Aloke Lohia living

Billionaire, petrochemicals
1958- (65)

Aloys Wobben living

Billionaire, wind turbines
1951- (72)

Americo Amorim living

Billionaire, energy, investments
1934- (89)

Andrei Bokarev living

Billionaire, coal mining, machinery
1966- (57)

Andrew Currie living

Billionaire, chemicals
1955- (68)

Angela Bennett living

Billionaire heiress, mining industrialist, businesswoman
1945- (78)

Angelo DeGasperis

Industrialist laying pipes for Cadillac Development Corp., co-founder of ConDrain in 1954

Angelo Moratti

Industrialist, founder of Saras Group in 1962

Anil Rai Gupta living

Billionaire, electrical equipment
1945- (78)

Anita Zucker living

Billionaire, chemicals
1951- (72)

Antonio DeGasperis

Industrialist laying pipes for Cadillac Development Corp., co-founder of ConDrain in 1954

Antonio Del Valle Ruiz living

Billionaire, chemicals
1938- (85)

Ao Xiaoqiang living

Billionaire, electrical equipment
1964- (59)

Armand Hammer

1898-1990 (92)

Arnold Weinstock

industrialist, General Electric Company (GEC)
1924-2002 (78)

Ashwin Dani living

Billionaire, paints
1942- (81)

August Thyssen

Industrialist, financier for the House of Dutch Orange-Nassau, founder of Bank voor Handel en Scheepvaart

F. Augustus Heinze

Industrialist during the Gilded Age, copper mining in Butte (Montana), one of the three Copper Kings

W. Averell Harriman

Democratic politician, US governor of New York, US presidential nominee in 1952 and 1956, businessman, son of E.H. Harriman, robber baron, industrialist in Russia during the Bolchevik revolution

Aziz Akhannouch living

Billionaire, petroleum, diversified
1960- (63)

Barron Collier

Industrialist, rancher, namesake Collier County

Barry Zekelman

Billionaire Industrialist, chairman, president and CEO of Zekelman Industries (JMC Steel Group) manufacturer of steel pipes, philanthropist

Bejamin Goodrich

Founder of the B.F. Goodrich Company (Raytheon/Michelin), tires/tyres, industrialist

Ben Guggenheim

Industrialist, miner, mining magnate, businessman, died on the Titanic

Benu Gopal Bangur living

Billionaire, cement
1931- (92)

Beny Steinmetz living

Billionaire, mining, diamonds, real estate
1956- (67)

Bernard Oppenheimer

De Beers diamonds merchant, brother of Ernest Oppenheimer

Bernardo Matte living

Billionaire, paper
1955- (68)

Bulat Utemuratov living

Billionaire, mining, banking, hotels
1957- (66)

Cai Xiaoru living

Billionaire, electronic components
1979- (44)

Camillo Crociani

Industrialist, founder of Vitrociset aerospace that sold to Leonardo

Catherine Lozick living

Billionaire, valve manufacturing
1944- (79)

Cecil Rhodes

Prime Minister of Cape Colony from 1890-1896 aka the Colossus of Africa, statesman, co-founder of Rhodesia (in his name, modern day Zimbabwe and Zambia) with Sir Alfred Beit, industrialist, mining magnate, owner of De Beers diamond mines in South Africa, pioneer of the Rhodes scholarships at Oxford University, co-founder of the British South Africa Company, author of Confession of Faith
1853-1902 (49)

Chang-Woo Han living

Billionaire, pachinko parlors
1931- (92)

Charles Koch living

Billionaire industrialist, co-founder of Koch Industries, author of Good Profit, Believe in People
1935- (88)

Charles M. Schwab

Industrialist aka Charles Schwab, steel magnate, started as a laborer at Edgar Thomson Steel Works (for Andrew Carnegie), president of Carnegie Steel, US Steel, and then CEO of Bethlehem Steel
1862-1939 (77)

Chen Jianhua living

Billionaire, chemicals
1970- (53)

Cheung Yan living

Billionaire, paper manufacturing
1957- (66)

Chris Cline

Billionaire, coal magnate, coal miner, mining entrepeneur

Christopher Cline living

Billionaire, mining
1958- (65)

Chu Jinfu living

Billionaire, electrical equipment
1957- (66)

Collis Huntington

Industrialist, merchant of mining supplies during the Gold Rush, one of the Big Four railroad tycoon, Central Pacific Railroad, Southern Pacific and C&O

Cord Prinzhorn living

Billionaire, papermills, packaging, CEO of Prinzhorn Group (W. Hamburger)
1943- (80)

Count Pio Crespi

Cotton magnate

Cui Genliang living

Billionaire, electric components
1958- (65)

Cyrus McCormick

Farmer, industrialist, inventor of the mechanical reaper for harvesting crops, invented the grain harvester that is now Navistar, founder of McCormick Harvesting Machine Company in 1902

Daniel Kretinsky living

Billionaire, energy generation
1975- (48)

David Koch

Billionaire industrialist, co-founder of Koch Industries, entrepreneur, businessman, philanthropist, political activist, chemical engineer
1940-2019 (79)

Dennis Washington

Billionaire, industrialist, owner of Washington Companies, Seaspan Marine, yacht owner of Attessa IV

Devendra Jain living

Billionaire, chemicals
1929- (94)

Dhirubhai Ambani

Billionaire, polyesters, co-founder of Reliance Industries (Reliance Group)

Dieter Schnabel living

Billionaire, chemicals
1945- (78)

Dmitry Mazepin living

Russian oligarch, billionaire, businessman, chairman of Uralchem, 20% owner of Uralkali and former sports team owner of F1 racing team, his son Nikita Mazepin was a driver with Mick Schumacher on the Haas F1 racing which Uralkali was an investor
1968- (55)

Dou Zhenggang living

Billionaire, energy, chemicals
1953- (70)

Du Jiangtao living

Billionaire, chemicals
1969- (54)

Edward A. Deeds

Industrialist, co-founder of Delco (Dayton Engineering Laboratories Co.)

Éleuthère Irénée (E.I.) du Pont

Industrialist, chemist, founder of E. I. du Pont de Nemours, his gunpowder supplied the Union Army in American Civil War and the US military in the world wars
1771-1834 (63)

Emanuella Barilla living

Billionaire, Barilla pasta
1966- (57)

Enrico Piaggio

Industrialist, inventor of the Vespa scooter

Ernest Garcia, II.

Billionaire, used cars

Ernest Oppenheimer

Mining entrepreneur, founder of Anglo American in South Africa, gold and diamonds magnate who had a controlling interest in De Beers, financier, philanthropist
1880-1957 (77)

Feng Hailiang living

Billionaire, copper, real estate
1960- (63)

Fred Fisher

Fisher Body was a carriage manufacturer for GM, industrialist

Friedrich Flick

Founder of Friedrich Flick Industrial Holdings

Fritz Thyssen

Founder of Union Banking Corporation (UBC), coal mining, steel producer in Germany (Thyssen AG), banker at Brown Brothers Harriman (BBH), author of I Paid Hitler

Gavril Yushvaev living

Billionaire, precious metals, real estate
1957- (66)

George Bissell


George Peabody

Financier, merchant, dry goods industrialist, philanthropist, father of modern philanthropy, military veteran, volunteer in the War of 1812
1795-1869 (74)

George Simpson

Governor of the Hudson's Bay Company

Gianni Agnelli

Industrialist aka Giovanni Agnelli, Gio Agnelli, automobiles, principal founder and chairman of Fiat Motor Company, developer of the Soviet Union
1921-2003 (82)

Gina Rinehart living

Mining oligarch, billionaire heiress, chairwoman of Hancock Prospecting
1954- (69)

Giorgio Agnelli

Industrialist, Fiat automobiles
1929-1965 (36)

Guido Barilla living

Billionaire, Barilla pasta
1958- (65)

Guma Aguiar

Oil and gas tycoon, energy industrialist, philanthropist, yacht owner
1977-2015 (38)

Gurbachan Singh Dhingra

Billionaire, paints

Gustav Binswanger

Industrialist, co-founder of General Electric Company (GEC)

Gustav Krupp

Steel magnate, businessman, later formed ThyssenKrupp family dynasty of elevator lifts

Hannah Widener

Philanthropist, Widener University in Chester, PA and Widener Library at Harvard University, the wife of industrialist Peter Widener

Hans Melchers living

Billionaire, chemicals, investments
1938- (85)

Hans "Heini" von Thyssen

Billionaire industrialist, massive fine art collector, industrialist, son of Heinrich Thyssen, his grandfather was August Thyssen, owner of Villa Favorita on Lake Lugano
1921-2002 (81)

Harry Oppenheimer

Gold and diamonds magnate, chairman of De Beers & Anglo American, industrialist, businessman, author of The Fading Commonwealth

Heinrich Thyssen

Entrepreneur, art collector, industrialist, his father August Thyssen founded the Bank voor Handel en Scheepvaart (Bank of Trade and Shipping) who financed the royals of Dutch Orange-Nassau
1875-1947 (72)

Henry Crown

Industrialist, philanthropist, founder of Material Service Corporation in 1919 which merged with General Dynamics in 1959
1896-1990 (94)

Henry Ford

Industrialist, car maker, inventor, pioneer of the assembly line for car manufacturing, founder of Ford Motor Company, ant

Henry J. Kaiser

Industrialist, serial entrepreneur, co-founder of Kaiser Permanente, founder of Kasier Aluminum, Kaiser Steel and hundreds of companies including Kaiser Cement and Gypsum to supply for the Shasta Dam, father of American shipbuilding
1882-1967 (85)

Henry Whitney

Industrialist, founder of West End Street Railway and Dominion Coal, Iron & Steel companies

Hideyuki Busujima living

Billionaire, pachinko machines
1952- (71)

Hugo Hirst

Industrialist, co-founder of General Electric Company (GEC)

Huo Qinghua living

Billionaire, mining
1961- (62)

Ian Wood living

Billionaire, energy services
1942- (81)

Irénée du Pont

Businessman, president of the DuPont Chemical Company, industrialist, head of the DuPont family trust
1876-1963 (87)

J. Paul Getty

Industrialist, founder of Getty Oil Company in 1942, grandson of George Getty
1892-1976 (84)

Jacques Merceron-Vicat living

Industrialist, billionaire, cement
1938- (85)

James Dyson living

Billionaire inventor, industrialist, founder and chairman of Dyson vacuums, founder of Dyson Farming in 2013, founder of James Dyson Foundation in 2002
1947- (76)

James Hill

Industrialist, railroad magnate, expanded railways to U.S. Northwest, takeover of the SP&P turned in to the Great Northern Railway

James Rand Jr.

Manufacturer of business machines at Remington Rand, UNIVAC mainframes

James Ratcliffe

Billionaire, Ineos chemicals

Jean de Menil

Oil and gas tycoon of Texas, industrialist

Jiang Weiping living

Billionaire, chemicals
1955- (68)

Jim Justice II living

Billionaire, mining
1951- (72)

Johan H. Andresen Jr. living

Billionaire, industrialist, chairman of Ferd since 2012, former CEO of Ferd from 2008-2012
1961- (62)

Johannes Kaercher living

Billionaire, vacuums, cleaning products
1950- (73)

John Barran

Liberal Party politician, industrialist, pawnbroker, clothing manufacturer, mens clothier, retailer, philanthropist, Roundhay Park
1821-1905 (84)

John Farber living

Billionaire, chemicals
1925- (98)

John Jacob Astor

Businessman, merchant, opium smuggler, fur trader, founder of The American Fur Company in 1808, Pacific Fur Company, real estate mogul, art collector, fur trader until 1830 with a fur trading post on the Missouri River, opium smuggler to China, musical instruments maker/manufacturer, industrialist, one of the first multi-millionaires in the United States
1763-1848 (85)

John Reece living

Billionaire, chemicals
1957- (66)

John Roebuck

bankrupt inventor, industrialist of sulphuric acid, founder of Carron Phoenix
1718-1794 (76)

Jon Huntsman, Sr. living

Billionaire, chemicals
1937- (86)

Judge Moore

Chairman of National Steel Company, industrialist

Kirill Shamalov living

Billionaire, petrochemicals
1982- (41)

Koo Bon-Moo living

Billionaire, electronics, chemicals, household products
1945- (78)

Kuldip Singh

Billionaire, paints

Lachhman Das Mittal living

Billionaire, tractors
1930- (93)

Laurence Graff living

Billionaire, diamond jewelry
1938- (85)

LC Payseur

Industrialist, wealthy investor aka Lewis Cass Payseur, son of Daniel Payseur who believe could be a descendant of King Louis XVI and Marie Antoinette
1850-1939 (89)

Lee Ho-Jin living

Billionaire, petrochemicals, finance, media, electronics
1962- (61)

Len Blavatnik living

Billionaire oligarch, director at Rusal, investor at Sual Partners, businessman, founder and chairman of Access Industries, richest man in the UK, owner of Texas-based LyondellBasell manufacturer of plastics & chemicals, Calpine gas-fired power plants
1957- (66)

Lev Kvetnoi living

Billionaire, cement, airport
1965- (58)

Li Hongxin living

Billionaire, paper & related products
1953- (70)

Li Shuirong living

Billionaire, petrochemicals
1956- (67)

Li Yong

Billionaire, chemicals

Liao Long-shing living

Billionaire, petrochemicals
1952- (71)

Lin Su-hon living

Billionaire, petrochemicals
1928- (95)

Liu Ming Chung living

Billionaire, paper manufacturing
1962- (61)

Liu Xuejing living

Billionaire, copper, poultry
1950- (73)

Lorenzo Zambrano

Billionaire, cement magnate

Louis Marx

Toymaker, businessman, manufacturer of toys, Louis Marx and Company was the largest toy manufacturer in the world in the 1950s
1896-1982 (86)

Low Tuck Kwong living

Billionaire, mining
1948- (75)

Luca Barilla living

Billionaire, Barilla pasta
1959- (64)

Ma Yunsheng living

Billionaire, energy
1962- (61)

Magdalena Martullo-Blocher living

Billionaire, chemicals
1968- (55)

Mansā Mūsā I of Mali

9th ruler of the Malian empire of West Africa from 1312-1337, founder of Sankoré Madrasa mosques (schools) in Timbuktu, industrialist, salt trader, gold miner, house of Keita dynasty, possibly the richest person of their time
1280-1337 (57)

Marcus Daly

Entrepreneur, industrialist during the Gilded Age, mining, one of the three Copper Kings

Markus Blocher living

Billionaire, chemicals
1970- (53)

Martha Ford living

Billionaire heiress of the Ford Motor Company
1925- (98)

Martha MacMillan living

Billionaire, Cargill
1951- (72)

Masayuki Ishihara living

Billionaire, pachinko machines
1948- (75)

Megha Mittal

Owner of Escada, wife of industrialist Aditya Mittal (ArcelorMittal)

Michael Owens

Industrialist, industrial automation, bottling plant in 1904 pe-dated the Ford line worker, bottle maker helped abolish US child labor in less than 10 years

Miodrag Kostić

Businessman, import export, industrialist, owner of MK Group

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