John Browne, Baron Browne of Madingley

CEO of BP from 1995-2007

a.k.a.Lord Edmund John Phillip Browne, Baron Browne of Madingley, FRS, FREng, FGS
life1948- (74)
school(s)Stanford University, University of Cambridge

Acharya Balkrishna living

Billionaire, consumer goods
1972- (50)

Alannah Weston living

Chairwoman of Selfridges Group, author of A Book of Wonder, daughter of Galen Weston
1972- (50)

Alexey Miller


Alfred Kelly

Business executive, chairman and CEO of VISA

Alfred Oetker living

Billionaire, consumer goods
1966- (56)

Alfred P. Sloan

Automotive executive, chairman and CEO of General Motors
1875-1966 (91)

Aliko Dangote

Billionaire, founder of Dangote Group

Alison Rose

CEO of NatWest Group

Amit Burman living

Billionaire, consumer goods
1969- (53)

Anand Burman living

Billionaire, consumer goods
1952- (70)

Andre Hoffmann

Vice chairman of Roche

Andrea Reimann-Ciardelli living

Billionaire, consumer goods
1956- (66)

Andrew C. Taylor living

Billionaire heir of the Enterprise family dynasty, executive chairman of Enterprise Holdings
1947- (75)

Andy Grove

Co-founder and former CEO of Intel, bestselling author of Only The Paranoid Survive

Ane Mærsk Mc-Kinney Uggla

Chairman of A.P. Moller-Maersk family dynasty

Anne Wojcicki

Co-founder and CEO of 23andMe, former wife to Sergey Brin

Anthony Lake living

Business executive, Democratic politician, political strategist, US national security advisor from 1993-1997, executive director of UNICEF from 2010-2017
1939- (83)

Anton Kathrein Jr.

Great-grandson of Anton Kathrein, founder of the world's oldest antenna company, making it a global powerhouse

Arnaud de Puyfontaine living

Business executive, CEO of Vivendi since 2014, director at TIM
1964- (58)

Arthur del Prado

Founder and former CEO of ASM

Arthur Koegel

Chairman of Koegel Coal Company

Arthur Levitt

25th chairman of the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) from 1993-2001

Arvind Krishna

Chairman and CEO at IBM since 2021

August Belmont Sr.

Founder of Belmont Stakes horse racing, horse breeder, owner of racehorses, financier of the New York Times, politician, chairman of the DNC
1816-1890 (74)

August Oetker

CEO, Dr. Oetker, son of Rudolf-August Oetker

Augusto Perfetti

Billionaire, candy

Baron Sieff

Federal Reserve, chairman of Marks & Spencer

Barry Diller

Billionaire, business executive, chairman of InterActiveCorp (IAC), Expedia, entrepreneur, founder of Fox Broadcasting, USA Broadcasting

Beau Wrigley

Billionaire, businessman, sold Wrigley family business to Mars family dynasty, founder of Parallel cannabis

Bennett Dorrance

Billionaire heir to the Campbell's Soup family fortune, sits on the board of Campbells

Bergit Douglas living

Billionaire, consumer goods
1946- (76)

Bertil Hult living

Billionaire, education
1941- (81)

Bibi Netanyahu living

Prime Minister of Israel since 2009, Likud party, conservative politician, chairman of the National Liberal Movement, his father was Benzion Netanyahu
1949- (73)

Bill Crager

Co-founder and CEO of Envestnet

Bob Iger

Chairman and CEO of Walt Disney

Brendan Bechtel​

Chairman of Bechtel

Brian Krzanich

CEO of Intel

J. Bruce Ismay

Businessman, chairman of the White Star Line, survivor of the RMS Titanic disaster
1862-1937 (75)

Carl Ferdinand Oetker living

Billionaire, consumer goods
1972- (50)

Caroline Cox

Founder and CEO of Humanitarian Aid Relief Trust

Chang Pyung-Soon living

Billionaire, educational services
1950- (72)

Charles Henry Marshall

Director of The Globe Insurance Company, and Hanover National Bank. President of the Union League Club (ULC) during the Civil War, pilot, harbor commissioner of New York
1838-1912 (74)

Charlotte Colket Weber living

Billionaire, Campbell's Soup
1942- (80)

Christian Oetker living

Billionaire, consumer goods
1948- (74)

Christoph Henkel living

Billionaire, consumer goods
1958- (64)

Christopher Cox

SEC chairman during the Wall Street 2008 Meltdown

Colin Marshall

Chairman of British Airways

Cynthia Carroll

CEO of Anglo American from 2007-2012, director at Glencore

Dan Akerson

Chairman of KLDiscovery, vice-chairman of the Carlyle Group from March 2014-2015, chairman and CEO of General Motors from 2010 to 2014, director at Lockheed Martin, Commscope

Darren Woods

Chairman and CEO of ExxonMobil

Dave and Cheryl Duffield Foundation

Billionaire, software entrepreneur, co-founder and chairman of PeopleSoft, Workday, Dave & Cheryl Duffield Foundation

David René de Rothschild living

Banker, financier, chairman of Rothschild & Co., Rothschild Continuation Holdings, former chairman of De Beers
1942- (80)

David Fischer

Business executive, CFO, Chief Revenue Officer at Facebook, son of Joschka Fischer

Dick Farmer

Billionaire businessman, CEO of Cintas from 1968-2003
1934-2021 (87)

Dick Fuld

CEO of Lehman Brothers during its bankruptcy in the historic Wall Street collapse during the 2008 financial crisis, received an unprecedented $250 million payday as a golden parachute (retirement package)

Dick Parsons living

Lawyer, attorney, businessman, business executive, former chairman of Citigroup, Time Warner CEO
1948- (74)

Domenico Agusta

Founder of MV Agusta motorcycles, helicopters business executive, President of AgustaWestland, his father founded Agusta Aerospace
1907-1971 (64)

Don Tyson

Son of John Tyson the original founder of Tyson Foods

Doug McMillon


Doug Shorenstein

Tookover the Shorenstein company from his father Walter Shorenstein

Eli Black

Business executive, businessman, chairman of Chiquita (United Fruit/Brands Company)
1921-1975 (54)

Émile-Maurice Hermès

Businessman, grandson of Thierry Hermes
1871-1951 (80)

Eric Schmidt

Billionaire, chairman and CEO of Alphabet (Google)

Ettore Gotti Tedeschi

Economist, chairman of Santander Consumer Bank SpA, President of the Institute for Works of Religion (Vatican Bank)

Eugen Schwab

Business executive at Escher Wyss & Cie, father of Klaus Schwab

Feike Sybesma

Chairman of Royal Philips

H. Fisk Johnson III living

Billionaire, household cleaning products, chairman and CEO of SC Johnson & Sons since 2000
1958- (64)

J. Florence Ismay

Avoided the Titanic disaster, wife of the chairman of the White Star Line

Frank McKenna

Business executive, chairman of the TD Bank, former politician

Frans van Houten

CEO of Royal Philips (or simply "Philips")

Gail Kelly

Senior Global Advisor at UBS, director at Singtel, former CEO at Westpac

Gareth Penny

Chairman at Norilsk Nickel, Ninety One

Gary Rollins living

Billionaire, pest control
1944- (78)

George M.C. Fisher

Retired business executive, senior advisor at KKR, chairman of Motorola, chairman and CEO of Eastman Kodak Company from 1993-2000

George Huntington Hartford

Chairman and CEO of The Great Atlantic and Pacific Tea Company (A&P) from 1878-1917
1833-1917 (84)

Gerd Häusler living

Chairman and CEO at Bayerisch Landesbank from 2010-2014, senior advisor at goetzpartners, director at Munich Reinsurance
1951- (71)

Ginni Rometty living

Business executive, former chairman, President and CEO at IBM from 2012-2020
1957- (65)

Giorgio Perfetti

Billionaire, candy

Giuseppe De'Longhi living

Billionaire, chairman and president of DeLonghi coffee makers, espresso machines
1939- (83)

Glen Moreno

Businessman, chairman of Virgin Money UK since 2015, the Financial Reporting Council, UK Financial Investments

Harjo Sutanto living

Billionaire, consumer goods
1926- (96)

Harsh Mariwala living

Billionaire, consumer goods
1951- (71)

Hedda im Brahm Droege living

Billionaire, consulting
1954- (68)

Heinrich Deichmann living

Billionaire, footwear, CEO of Heinrich Deichmann-Schuhe GmbH (Deichmann SE)
1962- (60)

Heinz Hermann Thiele living

Billionaire, brakes
1941- (81)

Helen Zell

Executive director of the Zell Family Foundation

Herb Chambers living

Billionaire, car dealerships
1941- (81)

Herbert Fisk Johnson

Businessman, son of SC Johnson & Sons founder Samuel Curtis Johnson Sr.

Herbert Fisk Johnson Jr.

Businessman, grandson of SC Johnson & Sons founder Samuel Curtis Johnson Sr.

Herman Gref

Chairman and CEO of Sbarbank

Hong Seok-Joh living

Billionaire, convenience stores
1952- (70)

Howard Davies

Chairman of NatWest Group

Husain Djojonegoro living

Billionaire, consumer goods
1949- (73)

Indra Nooyi

former chairman and CEO of PepsiCo

Irene Rosenfeld

CEO of Kraft Foods since 2008, former chairman and CEO of Mondelez

Ita Buttrose living

Chairwoman of ABC News Australia
1942- (80)

Ivan Sechin

EVP at Rosneft

Jack Kay

Business executive, vice-chairman of EmpowerPharm

Jack Welch

Chairman and CEO of General Electric (GE) from 1981-2001, author of Winning
1935-2020 (85)

Jacob Wallenberg living

Vice-chairman and now chairman of Investor AB since 1999, vice-chairman at ABB, Ericsson, FAM, Patricia Industries, former chairman, president and CEO of SEB, former vice-chairman of Atlas Copco, SAS, Stora, director at Coca-Cola, Electrolux, WM-data
1956- (66)

Jacqueline Hermes

Heiress to the Hermès family dynasty, great granddaughter of Thierry Hermès

Jacques Nasser

President and CEO of Ford Motor Company from 1999-2001, chairman of BHP Billiton from 2010-2017, director at FOX Corporation, Koç Holding, Allianz, Altimetrik

James R Crosby

Banker, financier, CEO of Halifax Bank, Halifax Bank of Scotland (HBOS)

James Sassoon living

Businessman, politician, member of House of Lords of the United Kingdom since 2010, chairman of the China-Britain Business Council
1955- (67)

Jamie Dimon

Chairman & CEO of JP Morgan Chase since 2007, during the Wall Street 2008 meltdown bought out Bear Stearns

Jamshyd Godrej living

Billionaire, consumer goods
1949- (73)

Jan du Plessis living

Businessman, former chairman of BT Group, Rio Tinto, Lloyds TSB, SABMiller (negotiated merger with AB InBev)
1954- (68)

Jean-Bernard Lévy living

Business executive, chairman and CEO of EDF since 2014, former CEO of Thales group in 2012, former chairman & CEO of Vivendi prior to 2012
1955- (67)

Jean-Claude Trichet

Director of AIRBUS Group, chairman of the European Group of the Trilateral Commission, honorary chairman of the Group of Thirty, chairman of the Group of Ten, former President of the European Central Bank, governor of Banque de France

Jean-François Dubos living

Business executive, chairman of Vivendi since 2012, former CEO of Vivendi from 2012-2014
1945- (77)

Jean-Louis Dumas

Billionaire businessman, former chairman and CEO of Hermès, son of Robert Dumas Hermes and Jacqueline Hermes

Jeff Immelt

Business executive, former chairman and CEO of General Electric (GE) until 2018

Jeff Kindler

CEO of Pfizer

Jeff Skilling

CEO during Enron scandal, convicted for fraud under the United States honest services provision

Jerry Perenchio living

Billionaire, chairman and CEO of Univision TV, philanthropist, LACMA
1930- (92)

James E. Staley

Business executive, CEO of Barclays Group, formerly at JPMorgan

Jim Bullard

President and CEO of the Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis

Jim Tisch

CEO of Loews

Jimmy Cayne

Chairman & CEO of Bear Stearns during its bankruptcy in the historic financial crisis of 2008, believer in faulty mortgage-backed securities

Jimmy Wales

Co-founder and CEO of Wikipedia

Joao Alves de Queiroz Filho living

Billionaire, consumer goods
1952- (70)

Joe Nacchio

President & CEO of Qwest Communications

Joe Natale

President and CEO at Rogers/RCI, formerly President and CEO at Telus from 2003-2015

Joe Rogers Jr.

Businessman, chairman and CEO of Waffle House

Joe Rogers Sr.

Businessman, former CEO of Waffle House

John C. Dugan

Chairman of Citigroup, attorney, lawyer

Dr. John E. Warnock

computer scientist, inventor of the PDF file format for PostScript printing, co-founder and chairman at Adobe Systems

John Flannery living

Business executive, chairman and CEO of General Electric (GE)
1962- (60)

John J. McCloy

Chairman of the Council on Foreign Relations from 1953-1970

John J. Raskob

Businessman, financial executive for DuPont, General Motors, chairman of the Democratic National Committee from 1928-1932

John Sharkey

Democratic politician, Chairman of the Liberal Democrat Party

John Stumpf

CEO of Wells Fargo during the Wall Street 2008 Meltdown

John Thain

CEO of Merrill Lynch during the Wall Street 2008 Meltdown

Dr. John E. Warnock

Computer scientist, inventor of the PDF file format for PostScript printing, co-founder and chairman at Adobe Systems

John Y. Brown Jr. living

Businessman, CEO of Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC), entrepreneur, democratic politician, governor of Kentucky from 1979-1983
1933- (89)

Jonathan Benanav

Business executive, EVP at Trump Plaza Casino, died in helicopter crash

Jorma Ollila living

Business executive, chairman of Royal Dutch Shell from 2006-2015, chairman and CEO of Nokia from 1992-2012, executive chairman of Xinova, ornithologist, tennis
1950- (72)

Joseph P. Overton

SVP at the Mackinac Center for Public Policy, public policy expert, pioneer of the Overton window
1960-2003 (43)

Joseph J. Simons

Attorney, lawyer

Jud Bergman

Co-founder, chairman and CEO of Envestnet prior to being killed with his wife in car crash in San Francisco, asset manager at Nuveen

Julia Oetker living

Billionaire, consumer goods
1979- (43)

Julie Sweet

CEO of Accenture

Justin Adams

Executive Director of the Tropical Forest Alliance

Karsanbhai Patel living

Billionaire, consumer goods
1943- (79)

Keiichiro Takahara living

Billionaire, diapers
1931- (91)

Kenneth M. Jacobs

Chairman and CEO of Lazard since 2009

Kenneth Lewis

CEO of Bank of America during the Wall Street 2008 Meltdown

Kishore Mariwala living

Billionaire, consumer goods
1935- (87)

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