Marshall McLuhan

Professor, philosopher, television, TV media theory, cybernetics

a.k.a.Herbert Marshall McLuhan CC
life1911-1980 (69)
spouse(s)Corinne Lewis
school(s)University of Manitoba, University of Cambridge

Alain Finkielkraut

conservative philosopher


Philosopher, astronomer, pioneer in geocentrism (assuming the earth is at the center of it all) and also the substance–attribute theory, author of On the Heavens in 350 BCE
384 BC-322 BC

M. Auguste Comte

Philosopher of sciences, pioneer in Positivism, author of A General View of Positivism
1798-1857 (59)

Baruch Spinoza living

Sephardic Jewish philosopher, pioneer in rationalism, gnosticism and Spinozism enlightenment (Spinosists), author of Ethics, A Political Treatise
1632- (390)

Bernard-Henri Lévy

Socialist philosopher

Bernard Williams

moral philosopher

Bryan Magee


Charles Darwin

Philosopher, inventor, author of Theory of Evolution and the Origin of Species.

Charles Taylor living

1931- (91)

Christine Korsgaard



Ancient philosopher, pioneer of Confucianism, poet, politician
551 BC-479 BC

C.S. Peirce

Philosopher, pioneer in pragmatism, scientist, logician, polymath, author of The Fixation of Belief
1839-1914 (75)

Charles Darwin

Naturalist, geologist, philosopher, pioneer of the theory of evolution


Philosopher, pioneer in Atomic theory.

Edmund Burke

Political theorist, philosopher, pioneer in conservatism, statesman for the Whig Party

Edmund Gettier

Philosopher, beliefs, epistemology, the Gettier problems

Edward Abramowski

Socialist philosopher

Emil Fackenheim

Philosopher, Thou shall survive!


Stoic philosopher, born into slavery, author of How to Be Free, Encheiridion (Enchiridion), Discourses, pioneer in Stoicism and mental freedom (meditations)
55 AD-135 AD


Epicureans are of the philosophy of Epicurus, living a luxurious lifestyle (a life of luxury) pioneer in Western philosophy or Epicureanism
341 BC-270 BC

Gabriel Marcel

Hermeneutic phenomenologist, philosopher

George Berkeley

Bishop of Cloyne, philosopher, pioneer in the theory of immaterialism
1685-1753 (68)

Giordano Bruno

Philosopher, trials in 1592 and 1600, burned at the stake
1548-1600 (52)

Giorgio Agamben

Biometrics, biosecurity expert, health writer, philosopher

Halford Mackinder

Geopolitics philosopher, pioneer of the Heartland theory or Mackinder doctrine, writer, quoted "Who rules East Europe commands the Heartland", author of The Georgraphical Pivot of History in 1904

Hannah Arendt

Political philosopher, political theorist, pioneer in understanding totalitarianism, author of the Origins of Totalitarianism, The Human Condition, writer, Holocaust survivor
1906-1975 (69)

Hans-Georg Gadamer

Hermeneutic phenomenologist, philosopher

G.W.F. Hegel

Philosopher aka Hagel, GWF Hegel, atheist, Prussian idealism, pioneer of the Hegelian dialect (manufactured crisis), revolutionary


Philosopher, father of gnosticism (having knowledge)



Herbert Fingarette


Herbert Marcuse

Philosopher, sociologist, politcal theorist

Hermes Trismegistus

Philosopher, known for the Caduceus (staff of Hermes) that is the symbol for medicine, credited with Hermeticism (or Hermetism), a mixture of Hermes the Greek messenger god and Thoth an Egyptian god

Thomas Hobbes

Philosopher, author of Leviathan, absolutism (absolute monarchy, absolute power) in political philosophy, pioneer of the Social Contract

Imre Lakatos


Jacques Derrida

Postmodern philosopher, Marxist communist, pioneer of deconstruction theory in semiotic analysis, phenomenology
1930-2004 (74)

Jean Baudrillard,

Sociologist, philosopher, culture critic, cultural theorist

J.L. Schellenberg living

Theologian, study of atheism, philosopher, author, professor of Philosophy at Mount Saint Vincent University
1959- (63)

John Locke

Political philosopher, anti-absolutist, pioneer of "life, liberty and property", the Social Contract, British Enlightenment, author of First Treatise of Civil Government in 1689

John Rawls

Philosopher, author of A Theory of Justice

John Ruskin

Professor of fine arts at Oxford University, writer, philosopher, literary critic, Victorian art critic
1819-1900 (81)

Jürgen Habermas

Philosopher, sociologist, Marxist critical theory, pioneer in pragmatism

Immanuel Kant

Philosopher during the Age of Enlightenment, epistemology, pioneer in metaphysics, ethics, natural laws
1724-1804 (80)

Kenneth G. Mills

Philosopher, poet, philanthropist

Konrad Lorenz


Lao Tzu ("Laozi") living

Taoist (Daoist) sage, philosopher known as the father of Chinese Taoism (Daoism), author of Tao Te Ching (Daodejing) or the way of the world with effortlessness or stillness, pioneer in stoicism
571 BC-

Larry Sanger

Philosopher, co-creator of Wikipedia

Leo Strauss

Political philosopher, father of neoconservatism
1899-1973 (74)

Emmanuel Levinas

Philosopher known for The Other, The Face
1906-1995 (89)

Niccolò Machiavelli

Humanist, diplomat, politician, philosopher

Martin Heidegger

Hermeneutic phenomenologist, phenomenological philosopher

Mary Wollstonecraft

Philosopher, writer

Max Weber

Sociologist, historian, philosopher, social theorist, jurist

Maxime Rodinson


Michael Huemer

Philosopher, Status Quo Bias

Michel de Montaigne

Renaissance philosopher
1533-1592 (59)

Miyamoto Musashi

Samurai Ronin swordsman, philosopher, writer, strategist


Philosopher, pioneer of narcissism behavior or narcissistic personality disorder (NPD), experiencing self-grandiosity, the need for attention and constant admiration by others

Friedrich Nietzsche

Philosopher, essayist, cultural critic, composer, poet, philologist, political theorist
1844-1900 (56)

Pascal Bruckner


Paul Feyerabend


Paul Ricœur

Hermeneutic phenomenologist, philosopher


Philosopher on fascism, stoicism and numerical societies, mathematician, scholar, student of Socrates, founder of the Platonic Academy (where Aristotle would be educated), author of The Republic, The Symposium, Apology and other Platonic dialogues, feminist ally, feminism activist
427 BC-347 BC


Platonic philosopher, gods and beasts, father of Plotinism

Maurice Merleau-Ponty

Hermeneutic phenomenologist, phenomenological philosopher
1908-1961 (53)

Renaud Camus

Philosopher, grand replacement, great replacement

Richard von Coudenhove-Kalergi

Philosopher, founder of the Paneuropean Union, pioneer of the Pan-Europe movement aka the Coudenhove-Kalergi Plan
1894-1972 (78)

Robert Owen

Philanthropist, union worker, social reformer, textiles manufacturer, philosopher, Jesuit whistleblower, pioneer in utopian socialism, unions, cooperatives (some might call this communism or communalism), Owenites are followers of Robert Owen
1771-1858 (87)

Robert M. Solow

Philosopher, educator

Rosa Luxemburg

social theorist, philosopher, writer

Jean-Jacques Rousseau

Philosopher, author of Second Discourse on Inequality, pioneer of the Social Contract, revolutionary in the French Revolution, Enlightenment throughout Europe, composer, writer, political theorist
1712-1778 (66)

Rudolf Steiner

Philosopher, literary clinic, author of The Philosophy of Freedom, socialist, electromagnetic waves, EMF, architect, clairvoyant esotericist
1861-1925 (64)

Jean-Paul Sartre

Marxist philosopher, communist, pioneer in Existentialism
1905-1980 (75)

Arthur Schopenhauer

Philosopher, The World as Will and Representation
1788-1860 (72)


Roman philosopher

Simone de Beauvoir

gender theory, research studies, philosopher


Philosopher, first major Greek philosopher of Western civilization in the Golden Age and was made to drink hemlock from his political opponents
470 BCE-399 BCE

Benedict "Baruch" Spinoza

Sephardic Jewish Cartesian philosopher, rationalist freethinker, rationalism, stoicism, pioneer in Pantheism
1632-1677 (45)

Thomas Kuhn

Philosopher, author of The Structure of Scientific Revolutions

Thomas Nagel



Rationalist philosopher, freethinker, author of Pantheisticon, historian, pioneer in Pantheism, Republicanism, theologian during the Age of Enlightenment
1670-1722 (52)


Philosopher, best of all possible worlds

Walter Benjamin


Wilhelm von Humboldt

Prussian philosopher, linguist, creator of the modern university format, educator, diplomat, founder of the Humboldt University of Berlin
1767-1835 (68)

Zhuang Zhou ("Zhuangzi")

Classical philosopher of Taosim (Daoism) and the Warring States period of 476-221 BCE

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