Will Durant

Historian, biographer, author of The Story of Civilization

Alfred Zimmern


Alvin Felzenberg

Historian, author, spokesman for the 911 Commission Report

Annette Gordon-Reed

American historian, law professor at Harvard University

Antony C. Sutton

Professor of economics at Stanford University, war historian on Wall Street and the Bolshevik Revolution, researcher aka Anthony Sutton, economist, writer, author of Americas Secret Establishment, Skull and Bones whistleblower, CIA whistleblower, exposed the Bilderbergers via Charlotte Iserbyt, senior fellow at the Hoover Institute for War, Peace and Revolution

Bill Appleman Williams

Revisionist historian

Charles Austin Beard

Literary critic, historian

Christopher Hollis

Historian, author of The Breakdown of Money, The Two Nations in 1937

David Attenborough

TV broadcaster, voice actor, voiceovers, voice over artist, natural historian, documentarian, documentaries

Edwin Black

Historian, author of IBM and the Holcaust, The Transfer Agreement

Emma Rothschild

Economic historian, economist

Ernst Zündel

Publisher, 1985 trial in Ontario for WWII pamphlet, Holocaust whistleblower, revisionist historian
1939-2017 (78)

Fletcher Pratt

War historian, author of The Battles that Changed History

Fred Siegel

Urban historian

Frédéric Bastien

historian, journalist, author of La Bataille de Londres


Alchemist, occultist, esotericist, writer, author of Le Mystère des Cathédrales in 1926, The Dwellings of the Philosophers in 1929, bible historian, theologian

George Grote

Historian, writer, editor of A History of Greece, co-founder of the University of London, pioneer in mental health movement

Georges Sorel

Historian, philospher, political theorist

Geremie Barmé

China historian

Graham Hancock

Historian, author of Fingerprints of the Gods, The Sign and the Seal, America Before

Hajo Holborn

European historian, political commentator, Western Eurocentric international politics

Henry Best

Historian, president at Laurentian University

Herbert Butterfield

Professor of History, historian


Historian, geographer, creator of maps (The World According to Herodotus in 400 BC), philosopher, deep thinker, writer, author of The Histories (9 Muses), known as the Father of History
484 BC-425 BC

Earnest Hooton

Anthropologist of Somatology, excavation of burial grounds of Viking boats, historian aka Earnest Hooton, Rhodes scholar, pioneer of racial classification, member of the Committee on the Negro, creator of the Hooten Plan to imprison Nazi army officers & politicians for life, author of Up From The Ape
1887-1954 (67)

H.W. Brands

PhD historian

Ioan Ratiu

Soviet historian, conspiracy researcher on the Soviet Iron Curtain, political activist, author of the Milner-Fabian Conspiracy

J.F.C. Fuller

War historian, author of The Decisive Battles of the Western World

John Henrik Clarke

Historian, writer of Africana studies, Pan-African culture

John Lukacs

Roman Catholic author, American historian
1924-2019 (95)

John Staudenmaier


Jon Meacham living

Canon Historian of the Washington National Cathedral, biographer, biography writer, author of American Lion in 2008, The Soul of America, Destiny and Power
1969- (55)

Jonathan Spence

China historian

Flavius Josephus

Historian, Roman Judea articles of The Jewish War and Jesus Christ, writer of the New Testament
37 AD-100 AD

Kai Bird

Cold War historian

Kimberly Kagan living

Military war historian, researcher, founder of the Institute for the Study of War
1972- (52)

Feliks Koneczny

Historian, literary critic, journalist, writer, social philosopher
1862-1949 (87)

Konrad Heiden

Historian of the Weimar Republic, journalist aka Klaus Bredow, political activist, author, biography writer, Adolf Hitler
1901-1966 (65)

Lewis Mumford

Literary critic, historian

Lindsay Jenkins

HIstorian, economist, author of Britain Held Hostage, The Last Days of Britain

Mary Ritter Beard

Literary critic, historian

Matthew Josephson

Literary critic, historian

Maxime Rodinson

Marxist sociologist, historian, philosopher, pioneer in socialism and socialist materialism (Marxism)
1915-2004 (89)

Michael Ledeen


Niall Ferguson

Historian, bestselling author of The Ascent of Money, Empire, Colossus, The Pity of War, Civilization The West & the Rest

Noah Webster

Lexicographer, grammar teacher, lecturer, creator of American Spelling Book in 1783, A Compendious Dictionary of the English Language in 1806, and then the Websters dictionary in 1828, journalist, essayist on the Constitutional Convention, lobbyist
1758-1843 (85)

Odd Arne Westad

Writer, historian

Patrick Boucheron

liberal historian

Peter Brown

Historian, author of The World of Late Antiquity in 1971


Ancient Greek historian


Greek scholar of Caesarea Maritima, Gothic historian of the Byzantine empire, advisor Belisarius
490 CE-565 CE (75)

Randall Carlson


Ron Chernow

Historian, author of The Warburgs

R.W. Johnson living

Journalist, political scientist, Rhodes scholar, historian of South Africa
1943- (81)

Saxo Grammaticus

Historian, theologian, clerk of Absalon, author of Gesta Danorum
1150-1220 (70)

Sima Qian

Historian of the Han dynasty

Spenser Wilkinson

Military historian, professor of military history at Oxford University
1853-1937 (84)

Theophylact Simocatta

Historian in Late Antiquity period of the Byzantine empire

Thomas de Waal

Historian, writer, world traveler, fellow at Carnegie Europe

Thomas DiLorenzo

Lincolnites historian, author of Lincoln Unmasked, fellow at Mises Institute, former economics professor at Loyola University Maryland Sellinger School of Business


Historian of the Peloponnesian War between Sparta and Athens, army general, military veteran

Uki Goñi

War historian, writer, author

Van Wyck Brooks

Literary critic, historian

Vernon Louis Parrington

Literary critic, historian

Victor Davis Hanson living

Conservative military historian, war historian, classicist, political commentator, politics, author of Makers of Ancient Strategy, The Dying Citizen, senior fellow at the Hoover Institute
1953- (71)

Zecharia Sitchin

Historian on the Anunnaki, ancient astronauts, and the human origins of ancient Sumerians, author of The End of Days, The Lost Book of Enki, The Cosmic Code, The 12th Planet which is the planet Nibiru (beyond Neptune)
1920-2010 (90)

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