Eleonore von Habsburg living

Gemmologist, jewellery designer, House of Habsburg-Lorraine
1994- (28)

Ian Livingstone (real estate) living

Billionaire, real estate developer, co-owner of London & Regional Properties, chairman of Optika Clulow Group (David Clulow, Sunglass Hut), director at The Mayor's Fund for London
1962- (60)

DeAnne Julius living

Chairman of the College Council of University College London, co-founder of the Monetary Policy Committee of the Bank of England, author of The Economics of Natural Gas
1949- (73)

Patrick Honohan living

Senior fellow at the Peterson Institute for International Economics (PIIE) since 2016, professor of Economics at Trinity College Dublin, banker, governor of the Central Bank of Ireland from 2009-2015
1949- (73)

Mervyn King living

Economist, chairman of the Monetary Policy Committee, governor of the Bank of England from 2003-2013, member of the UK House of Lords since 2013, professor of economics at the London School of Economics, chairman of the Philharmonia
1948- (74)

Chris Gibson-Smith living

Businessman, financier, chairman of the London Stock Exchange from 2003-2015, partner at Life Assurance Co.
1945- (77)

Malcolm Knight living

Economist, banker, senior deputy governor and COO of the Bank of Canada from 1999-2003, professor of Finance at the London School of Economics and Political Science, director at Center for International Governance Innovation (CIGI)
1944- (78)

Sir John Ritblat living

Property developer, real estate developer, president of the British Land Company, chairman of Delancey, VP of The Royal Institution of Great Britain, director on the British Library Board from 1995-2003, former chairman of The Wallace Collection from 2005-2014, London Business School from 2006-2014
1935- (87)

Harry Woolf living

Barrister, judge, lawyer, Lord Chief Justice of England and Wales from 2000-2005, Master of the Rolls
1933- (89)

Peter Kenen

Economist, international economics, Walker Professor of Economics and International Finance at Princeton University
1932-2012 (80)

George Soros living

Billionaire, hedge fund manager at Quantum Fund (Double Eagle), investor, pioneer of the General Theory of Reflexivity, trader, economist, Black Wednesday (1992) infamously sold-short the British pound and broke the Bank of England, founder of Open Society Foundations
1930- (92)

Frank Land living

Computer programmer, pioneer of information theory, UK professor of Information Systems, Department of IT at the London School of Economics
1928- (94)

Charles Webster

Historian, foreign diplomat, member of the League of Nations (United Nations)
1886-1961 (75)

William Wynn Westcott

Supreme Magus of the S.R.I.A, freemasonry, co-founder of the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn in 1877, coroner, magician, Rosy Cross theosophist
1848-1925 (77)

William Stanley Jevons

Economist, neoclassical economics, philosopher, marginal revolution
1835-1882 (47)

John Stuart Mill (J.S. Mill)

Political philosopher, political economist, political theorist, educator, politician, MP of United Kingdom, financier of the University of London
1806-1873 (67)

Hans Rausing

CEO of Tetra Pak from 1950-1983, billionaire heir to Tetra Pak family fortune, farmer, raised wild deer and boars, his father was the founder Ruben Rausing

Alan Howard

Billionaire macro hedge fund manager, macro trader, financier, co-founder of Brevan Howard Asset Management

Richard Perle

Political strategist, political advisor, former Assistant Secretary of Defense for Global Strategic Affairs who served under President Ronald Reagan, lobbyist, wrote the paper on "The Israeli Clean Break", diplomat, US Assistant Secretary of Defense for Global Strategic Affairs, ran the "Total Data Awareness" program

Sir William Castell

Businessman, chairman of Wellcome Trust, CEO of Amersham from 1989-2004 (acquired by GE), CEO of GE Healthcare, then vice-chairman of General Electric, BP

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