Feng Zhang living

Biochemist, neuroscience, microbiologist, working on CRISPR genome editing tools, optogenetics, genome engineering, molecular diagnostics
1981- (41)

Emmanuel Farhi

Macroeconomist, professor of economics at Harvard University
1978-2020 (42)

Daniel Lewin

Mathematician, entrepreneur, co-founder of Akamai Technologies, a content delivery network (CDN) and cloud computing services firm, ex-Israeli special forces, military veteran
1970-2001 (31)

Steve Kirsch living

Serial entrepreneur, co-inventor of the optical mouse, founder of InfoSeek, Mouse Systems, OneID, FrameMaker (Frame Technology Corp.)
1956- (66)

Edward Jay Epstein living

Investigative journalist, political science professor at Harvard University
1935- (87)

Peter Ritner

Editor for Macmillan
1927-1976 (49)

Henry S. Pritchett

Astronomer, superintendent of the US Coast and Geodetic Survey, educator, 1st president of the Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching (CFAT)
1857-1939 (82)

Dennis Meadows

Climate change activist, co-author of The Limits to Growth

Eric S. Lander

Founding director of the Broad Institute, professor of Systems Biology, geneticist, microbiologist, mathematician, co-founder of Neon Therapeutics, Millennium Pharmaceuticals, Infinity Pharmaceuticals, Verastem

Jerome Wiesner

13th President of Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)

L. Rafael Reif

President of Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)

Omar Abudayyeh

Researcher of CRISPR genome editing, aging lifesciences, co-founder of Sherlock Biosciences

Stephen, Lord Green of Hurstpierpoint

Anglican priest, clergyman, Conservative politican, Minister of State for Trade and Investment, banker, former chairman of HSBC

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