Leo Radvinsky living

Billionaire owner of 75% of OnlyFans, CEO of MyFreeCams (Mfcxy, Inc.) which is one of the world's largest adult webcams community, founder of Cybertania (Password Universe, Working Passes, Ultra Passwords), tech entrepreneur, angel investor, venture capitalist, owner of Stars.com
1982- (40)

Andrew Mason living

Entrepreneur, businessman, co-founder of Groupon, Descript
1980- (42)

Barack Obama living

44th President of the United States from 2009-2017, first black president of America, documentary filmmaker at Higher Ground Productions, Marxist lecturer at Chicago University
1961- (61)

Dennis Weatherstone

Chairman and CEO of J.P. Morgan & Co, as a teenager he was hired as a bookkeeper at the Guarantee Trust Company
1930-2008 (78)

Quentin Young, M.D.

Physician, doctor, Civil Rights Movement, Communist Party
1923-2016 (93)

Saul Bellow

Pulitzer Prize writer, Nobel Prize in Literature, novelist, author of Ravelstein, Letters
1915-2005 (90)

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