Bert Cohler

Professor, psychologist, psychoanalyst
1938-2012 (74)

Samuel P. Huntington

American historian, academic scholar, advisor, professor, political scientist, author of political theory "The Clash of Civilizations", director of the Harvard Center of International Affairs, linked to PW Botha in the Apartheid of South Africa, coined the term the "Davos Men"
1927-2008 (81)

Albert D. Biderman

Psychologist, Chart of Coercion of 1956, pioneer in coercive methods psychology and enforcing compliance, co-author of The Manipulation of Human Behavior
1923-2003 (80)

Donald Davidson

Cartesian philosopher, mathematician
1917-2003 (86)

Bernice Neugarten

Psychologist, biological clock ticking, aging studies, social clock theory, midlife crisis, menopause
1916-2001 (85)

Saul Bellow

Pulitzer Prize writer, Nobel Prize in Literature, novelist, author of Ravelstein, Letters
1915-2005 (90)

Dr. Anatol Rapoport

Mathematician, psychologist, pioneer in mathematical biology, game theory, general systems theory, author of The Origins of Violence, Fights Games and Debates
1911-2007 (96)

Leo Strauss

Political philosopher, father of neoconservatism
1899-1973 (74)

Dr. Roger J. Williams, Ph.D.

Biochemist, pioneer in vitamins, Genetotrophic disease, human nutrionist, NutriCircles, scientific discovery of vitamin B6, folic acid, avidin, pantothenic acid, lipoic acid
1893-1988 (95)

Wesley C. Mitchell

Economist, founder of the National Bureau of Economic Research (NBER)
1874-1948 (74)

John Dewey

Educator, teacher, writer, philosopher, pioneer in pragmatism, socialist, psychologist, pedagogical theories, father of education in the United States, modern schools, known for the Dewey decimal system
1859-1952 (93)

J.J. Mearsheimer

Marxist political scientist, politics, pioneer in offensive realism, author of The Israel Lobby, Why Leaders Lie

Milton Friedman

Economist, author of Capitalism and Freedom, Free To Choose

Jeff Wernick

Angel investor in Parler, seed funding, seed investors, Bitcoin enthusiast, crypto enthusiast

Jacob A. Frenkel

Chairman of the Board of Trustees at Group of Thirty (G30), former chairman of JPMorgan Chase International from 2009-2019, vice chairman of AIG from 2004-2009, chairman of Merrill Lynch International from 2000-2004, governor of the Bank of Israel from 1991-2000, director of research at IMF from 1987-1991

Gary J. Schmitt

Political activist, author of Silent Warfare, president of the New Citizenship Project, executive director of the Project for the New American Century from 1998-2005

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