Sir James Dewar

Inventor of the thermos in 1892, Dewar bottle or thermo flask, vacuum flask or the Dewar flask, physicist, chemist, known for liquid hydrogen/oxygen and cryogenic storage, Fullerian Professor of Chemistry at the Royal Institution in London

a.k.a.Sir James Dewar FRS FRSE
life1842-1923 (81)
school(s)Cambridge University

Adolf Eugen Fick

physiologist, physician, inventor of contact lenses

Adolph Rickenbacker

Inventor of the guitar

Al Jacobs

Inventor of the three jaw drill chuck (Jacob's Chuck) in 1902

Alan Turing

Inventor of computer programming, mathematician, gay, World War II codebreaker

Albert Einstein

inventor of the Theory of Relativity

Alessandro Volta

inventor of the battery

Alexander Graham Bell

inventor of the telephone in 1876, photophone, came from a family elocutionists rich in the arts of public speaking

Alexander Parkes

Chemist, metallurgist, inventor of Celluloid (nitrocellulose and camphor) in 1856 and Parkesine (later known as Xylonite), the first man-made thermoplastics
1813-1890 (77)

Alexandre Marnier-Lapostolle living

Distiller, inventor of Grand Marnier in 1880
1930- (93)

Aloysius Lilius

Bruce Ohms at IBM in 1986 coined the Lilian day number for the Gregorian calendar Oct 15, 1582.

Alvin J. Fellows

Inventor of the tape measure in 1868

Ambrose Fleming

Inventor, vacuum tubes (thermionic valves) and the Left Hand Rule

Andy Hertzfeld

Apple co-inventor of the original Macintosh computer, founder of Radius, General Magic and Eazel

Angelo Moriondo

Inventor, patended the first espresso machine

Antoine Lavoisier

Chemist, diets, discovery of metabolism, inventor, Law of Conservation of Mass, guillotined during the French Revolution
1743-1794 (51)

Antonio Meucci

Inventor of the first telephone, politician, partner at Giuseppe Garibaldi

Asa Candler

Founder and inventor of the formula for Coca-Cola

Bartolomeo Cristofori

Inventor of the piano

Ben Branson

mixologist, inventor of Seedlip non-alcoholic drinks


inventor, pioneer of Intelligence tests

Louis Braille

Inventor, educator, pioneer of the Braille reading and writing system for the blind and persons who are visually impaired.
1809-1852 (43)


Inventor of the helicopter


Inventor of the Spectroscope

Carl Djerassi

Chemist, inventor of the oral contraception pill in 1951

Carl Josef Bayer

Chemist, metallurgist, inventor of the Bayer process marking the birth of hydrometallurgy

Carl Magee

Inventor, patents lawyer, invented the first parking meter


inventor, pioneer in nylon plastics

C.C. Patterson

inventor, discovery of the Age of the Earth

Celal Goger


Charles Best

Medical scientist, physician, physiologist, co-discovery of insulin, founder of The Diabetes Association (Diabetes Canada)
1899-1978 (79)

Charles Brady King

Inventor of the pneumatic hammer in 1890

Charles Duryea

co-inventor of the single cylinder in 1893

Charles Fenerty

inventor, wood fiber extraction, paper making machine tools

Charles Fredrick Wiesenthal

inventor of the sewing machine design patent in 1755

Charles Goodyear

inventor, vulcanization of rubber sold under the brand Ebonite

Charles Henry Foyle

Inventor of the milk carton, Robert Gair started mass production of folding cartons and cardboard boxes in 1879

Charles Martin Hall

inventor, Hall–Héroult electrolytic method of smelting aluminum in 1886

Charles Parsons

engineer, inventor of the steam turbine in 1884

Charles Tainter

inventor of sound recording instruments, father of the Speaking Machine, pioneer of the photophone, phonograph

Charles Walton

Inventor, first patent holder for RFID

Charles Wheatstone

co-inventor, co-patents on the first telegraphy system

Chichester A. Bell

inventor, brother of Alexander Graham Bell

Chris Messina

Inventor of hashtags, keynote speaker, product designer

Christiaan Huygens

Inventor of the pendulum clock in 1656 for timekeeping and transportation schedules
1629-1695 (66)

Chuck Geschke

Co-founder of Adobe Systems, inventor, co-creator of the PDF file format
1939-2021 (82)

Claude Niépce

co-inventor of the Pyréolophore internal combustion engine

Clement Studebaker

Automaker of the Studebaker, co-founder of the H & C Studebaker Company, Pennsylvania-German Conestoga wagons and carriage manufacturer
1831-1901 (70)


Inventor of the Revolver

Conrad Hubert

inventor of the electric hand torch aka flashlight in 1898

C.V. Raman

inventor, Raman Effect

Dan Borislow

Entrepreneur, early Internet pioneer, inventor of MagicJack, founder of Tele-Save (AT&T), sports team owner, horse breeder
1961-2014 (53)

Danny Hillis

inventor, massively parallel supercomputer

David Bushnell

Inventor of the first ever submarine

David Edward Hughes

inventor of the carbon microphone in 1878

David Misell

inventor obtained a patent in 1899 for the flashlight


Inventor of the Miner’s Safety Lamp

Derrick Rossi

Medical professional, co-inventor of the mRNA vaccines

Dezso Molnar

Inventor, flying machines, Mojave Desert


Inventor of the Internal combustion engine

Doug Hanahan

Biochemist, co-inventor of recombinant DNA technology, synthetic bacteria

Douglas Crockford

inventor of Tilton ugly programming language

Dr. NakaMats

Inventor of the floppy disk, compact disc and holder of 3,500 patents

Dr. Earl Plunkett living

Gynecologist, physician, teacher, fertility research, co-inventor of the modern birth control pill with hormone replacement therapy
1922- (101)

Earl Tupper

inventor of the bell-shaped container, founder of Tupperware

Ed Gray

Mechanical engineer, circuit boards, inventor of an engine that uses no fuel in 1984, pioneer in free energy and cold electricity

Edmund Cartwright

inventor of a wool-combing machine and closed-cycle alcohol engine

Edouard Benedictus

Inventor of safety glass, laminated glass, bulletproof glass

Edwin Beard Budding

inventor of the lawn mower in 1830

Edwin Drake

inventor, modern oil well, cable tool drilling learned from Chinese laborers

E.J. Sayce

co-inventor of the silver bromide collodion process in 1864

Eldridge Johnson

Inventor of the Victor Talking phonograph, Columbia Records used his patents, entrepreneur, industrialist, manufacturer of bookbinding machines and wire stitching, co-founder of Victor Talking Machine Company with Emile Berliner the inventor of the gramophone

Eli Whitney

Inventor of the cotton gin, during the economy of the Antebellum South

Elias Howe

inventor, sewing machine pioneer

Elihu Thomson

Engineer, inventor with 700 patents, pioneer in electric arc lighting, AC electric power and DC electric power, co-founder of General Electric
1853-1937 (84)

Elisha Otis

inventor of the modern elevator lift in 1852

Emile Berliner

inventor of the gramophone and vinyl records in 1897

Enzo Ferrari

Blacksmith, inventor of the iconic Ferrari sports car racing brand

Ernest Rutherford

inventor, Structure of Atom

Ernst Alexanderson

inventor of the radio transmitting alternator for continuous sound waves in radio transmission in 1904

Eugene Bourdon

inventor of the tube pressure gauge in 1849

Evangelista Torricelli

inventor of the barometer

Michael Farady

Scientist, pioneer of Faraday's law and in pyrolysis (fire), electromagnetic induction and the laws of electrolysis, inventor of the Dynamo electric generator (the electric motor)

Federico Faggin

inventor of the micro processor

Felix Wankel

inventor of the Wankel rotary engine

Ferdinand Verbiest

mathematician, astronomer, geometry teacher, music teacher, philosopher, cartographer, language translator, inventor and designer of the first self-propelled vehicle or automobile

Fernand Lachance

Inventor of Poutine

Filippo Brunelleschi

Linear perspective, inventor

Francis Pettit Smith

maritime inventor, screw propeller technology

Francis Thomas Bacon

Engineer, inventor of the alkaline fuel cell (or Bacon fuel cell), pioneer of hydrogen-oxygen fuel cells in 1932
1904-1992 (88)

Frank Zamboni

inventor of the ice resurfacing machine in 1949

Frederic A. Delano

Railroad tycoon, inventor of one-way glass in 1933, nephew of Franklin D. Roosevelt

Frederick Jones

inventor of the first portable air conditiong unit

Frederick Scott Archer

Photographer, sculptor, inventor of the wet-collodion process in photography, preceding the gelatin process (sensitized gelatin emulsion)
1813-1857 (44)

Friedrich Gottlob Keller

inventor, paper making machine tools

Friedrich Ludwig Buschmann

inventor of the harmonica in 1821

Fritz Pfluemer

inventor of magnetic tape

F.W. Wilcox

Inventor of the paper pail in 1894, oftened used as a Chinese takeout container

Gary Fisher

Inventor, cyclist, pedal bikes

Gary Starkweather

inventor of the laser printer

Gay Lussac

Inventor of the Law of Gases

George Cadbury

Co-founder of and younger brother in the Cadbury family dynasty, inventor of the recipe for Cadbury Dairy Milk chocolate bars
1839-1922 (83)

George Klein

Inventor of the first electric-powered wheelchair and the microsurgical staple gun

Gil Hyatt

Inventor, multi-millionaire, sold part of his patents to Philips Electronics, infamously sued the State of Nevada and won a near half-billion settlement

Gladys West

Co-inventor of GPS technology

Gordon Moore

Billionaire, Intel, inventor, pioneer of Moore's Law

Greg Henderson

Inventor of the Hendo hoverboard

Dr. Joseph Guillotin

Physician, politician, freemasonry, inventor of the Guillotine in 1789 for executions during the French Revolution
1738-1814 (76)

Johann Gutenberg

Printer, publisher, goldsmith merchant, engineer, inventor of the moveable-type printing press between 1440-1450, printed the Gutenberg Bible in 1452 printed on vellum animal skin membranes, sometimes mispelled "Johan Gutenburg"

Hans Lippershey

Spectacles, optics, optical lenses, patents holder, inventor of the telescope in 1608
1570-1619 (49)

Harry Brearley

Inventor of stainless steel in 1913, creating a steel with 12.8% chromium and 0.24% carbon.

Harry John Lawson

inventor of the modern bicycle in 1876

Harry Ricardo

Engineer, researcher, inventor of the internal combustion engine, founder of Ricardo

Heinrich Hertz

Hertz frequency or cycles per second, pioneer in electricity around electromagnetic waves, inventor of Electromagnetic Theory

Henry Bessemer

inventor of the steelmaking Bessemer industrial process for the mass-production of steel

Henry Fourdrinier

inventor, wood fiber extraction, paper making machine tools

Henry Makow living

Board game maker of Scruples, journalist, feminism writer, Ph.D. in English Literature, political commentator, politics, NWO whistleblower, author of Illuminati, A Long Way to Go for a Date
1949- (74)

Henry Maudslay

inventor, machine tools

Herman Hollerith

Inventor of Hollerith machines for punch cards in electromechanical tabulating machines for US census study, used by Auschwitz and Nazi camps


Inventor of the rotary printing press

Humphry Davy

inventor of the Arc lamp

Isaac Singer

Inventor of the sewing machine, co-founder of Singer, pioneer of financial tactic of payment installments
1811-1875 (64)

Isaak Gröbli

Inventor of the Schiffli embroidery machine in 1863

Ivy Lee

Publicist, inventor of the press release, pioneer in modern public relations working for the Rockefeller family dynasty

J. Frank Duryea

co-inventor of the single cylinder in 1893

J. Willard Gibbs

co-inventor, discovery of thermodynamics

Jack Emerson

inventor of biomedical devices, improved the iron lung breathing machine
1906-1997 (91)

Jacques-Étienne Montgolfier

Co-inventor of the hot air balloon in 1883 with his brother

Bose, J.C.

Biologist, physicist, botanist, inventor of the crescograph

James Bare

Inventor, resonance, 11th harmonic

James Creighton

inventor of ice hockey in 1875 with McGill students at Victoria Skating Rink in Montreal, Canada

James Hargreaves

inventor of the spinny jenny for weaving in 1764

James Maxwell

inventor, discovery of electromagnetic fields, thermodynamics

James Puckle

Inventor of the machine gun or defense gun.

James Rumsey

inventor, steamboat driven by a jet in 1785

James Watson

Inventor, co-discovery of DNA double helix

James Watt

Engineer, inventor of the steam engine in 1769.

James Young

chemist, inventor, crude oil refinery

John Boyd Dunlop

inventor of of commercially viable pneumatic tyres (rubber tires) in 1887, earlier patents were made by Robert William Thomson in 1847
1840-1921 (81)

John E. Strauss

inventor of the first closed-toe ice skates in 1914, creator of Strauss Skates

John Fitch

inventor of paddleboat 1787

John Gibbs

inventor, AC transformer

John Harington

inventor of the flush toilet in 1596

John Harrison

horologist, inventor of the marine chronometer in 1761 used for navigation of the seas

John Hopps

Inventor of the first cardiac pacemaker, discovered while researching hypothermia

John Kemp Starley

inventor of the safety bicycle in 1885

John P. Thompson

inventor of the "Phillips head" screw driver and sold it to Henry F. Phillips

John Peirce

Scientist, professor of chemistry, co-inventor of the telephone
1836-1897 (61)

John Sellstedt

inventor of semi-synthetic penicillins and cephalosporins

John Smyth

Religious Christianity, inventor of the Baptist religion in 1608

John Stewart MacArthur

Inventor of the gold cyanide MacArthur-Forrest process in 1887

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