Henry Makow

Journalist, writer, author of Illuminati

life1949- (73)
school(s)University of Toronto

Aatish Taseer

journalist, writer

Adrien Arcand

Journalist, communist writer for Le Fasciste Canadien, political acitivist for the Workers Union Party, author of Le communisme installé chez nous
1899-1967 (68)

Al Tompkins

Journalist at The Poynter Institute

Alain de Benoist

Journalist for Nouvelle Droite, political philosopher

Albert Camus

Philosopher, author, journalist, Nobel Prize in literature

Andrew Gilligan

News reporter, journalist

Andrew Ross Sorkin

Journalist, author

Antonio Gramsci

Theory of hegemony, Marxist philosopher, communist politician, linguist, writer, journalist
1891-1937 (46)

Babasaheb (B.R.) Ambedkar

philosopher, civil rights activist, polymath, economist, journalist, anthropologist, sociologist
1891-1956 (65)

Ben Hammersley

Journalist, inventor of the word podcasts or audioblogs

Briton Hadden

Journalist, writer, co-founder of TIME magazine with Henry Luce

Carol Loomis

Financial journalist, retired editor at Fortune magazine

Chen Qiushi

Citizen journalist, COVID whistleblower

Christian Parenti

Investigative journalist

Dan Burley

Pianist, writer, journalist, author of Original Handbook of Harlem Jive

Danny Casolaro

Investigative journalist, freelance journalist, Iran Contra, BCCI The Octopus, Inslaw PROMIS software

Dorothy Kilgallen

Journalist, friend of JFK

Edward Jay Epstein living

Investigative journalist, political science professor at Harvard University
1935- (87)

Erin Andrews

Sports broadcaster, journalist, TV host for college football on Fox Sports

Fang Bin

Citizen journalist, COVID whistleblower

Frank Herbert

Science fiction author of Dune in 1965, illuminati, writer, journalist, lecturer, book critic, ecological consultant, environmentalist, photographer, photography
1920-1986 (66)

Friedrich Engels

Philosopher, journalist, writer, textile manufacturer, economist, historian, political theorist, Marxist, communist, revolutionary socialist of the Communist League
1820-1895 (75)

Gary Webb

Investigative journalist, CIA whistleblower, Iran Contras Nicaragua, Ronald Reagan, the movie Kill the Messenger after him

George Weidenfeld

Journalist, news publisher

Hans von der Groeben

Politician, diplomat, lawyer, journalist

Harry Vox

Investigative journalist, whistleblower

Hedley Donovan

Journalist, writer at TIME magazine, director at the Council on Foreign Relations

Henry A. Wallace

Democratic politician, journalist, farmer, 33rd VP of the United States for FDR
1888-1965 (77)

Hunter S. Thompson

Journalist, author of Hell's Angels, Fear and Loathing in Los Vegas, The Rum Diary, inventor, pioneer of Gonzo Journalism
1937-2005 (68)

Ida B. Wells

Investigative journalist, civil rights activist
1862-1931 (69)

Israel Shamir living

Journalist, writer
1947- (75)

James O'Keefe

Investigative journalist at Project Veritas

Jane Burgermeister

Investigative journalist

Jesse Trentadue

Attorney, lawyer, investigative journalist for the Oklahoma City bombing

Jim Tucker

News reporter, investigative journalist, whistleblower, researching the Bilderberg Group for 30 years, author of the Bilderberg Diary, attendee of the Bilderberg Meetings

John Chancellor

Journalist, TV host

John Craven (journalist)

Journalist, TV presenter on the BBC Newsround, Countryfile, Beat the Brain

Jonathan Kwitny

Investigative journalist, writer at the Wall Street Journal, author of The Crimes of Patriots: A True Tale of Dope, Dirty Money, and the CIA

Judith Miller

Journalist, writer at the New York Times, hired by FOX News after serving time in jail (85 days)

Judy Woodruff living

TV host of PBS NewsHour, journalist, TV presenter, news broadcaster, news reporter, married to Al Hunt
1946- (76)

Julian Assange

Founder of WikiLeaks in 2006, investigative journalist

Julie K. Brown living

Investigative journalist, writer, news reporter for the Miami Herald who pursued the Jeffery Epstein sex trafficking case in 2008
1961- (61)

Baron Karl von Vogelsang

Journalist, writer about liberalism, materialism and atheism, father of Austrian anti-Semitism

Langston Hughes

Poet, jazz poetry, journalist, writer, novelist, activist, leader of the Harlem Renaissance

Louella Parsons

Celebrity gossip columnist, writer, journalist

Malcolm Muggeridge

Investigative journalist

Marion Dönhoff

Journalist, publisher, editor-in-chief at Die Zeit

Marjory Stoneman Douglas

Journalist, famous for River of Grass quote for the Everglades

Michael Hastings

Investigative journalist, writer, war correspondent, editor at the Rolling Stone, news reporter for BuzzFeed, died in a mysterious car crash
1980-2013 (33)

Mona Chalabi

TV presenter, broadcast journalist, writer for FiveThirtyEight

Neil Strauss

Music journalist, author

Nellie Bly

Journalist, writer, trip around the world in 72 days, pioneer of a new kind of investigative journalism

Nicholas Wade

Investigative journalist, writer

Pilar Urbano living

Investigative journalist, educator, researcher, author
1940- (82)

Richard Elman

Writer, journalist, author of Aesthetics of the CIA

Samira Khashoggi

Journalist, author, founder of Al Shakiah magazine, sister of Adnan Khashoggi, wife of billionaire Mohamed Al-Fayed, mother of Dodi Fayed
1935-1986 (51)

Sarah Wu

Journalist at Reuters, news correspondent, news reporter

Serena Shim

TV presenter, journalist in Syria that exposed Turkish government

Seymour "Sy" Hersh living

investigative journalist, political writer, political commentator, politics, broke story of Abu Ghraib torture prisons in 2003, and the Mỹ Lai massacre in South Vietnam
1937- (85)

Sibel Edmonds living

FBI translator speaking Turkish, Farsi, Azerbajani, journalist, 911 whistleblower, writer, editor-in-chief at NewsBud, BFP Report, author of Classified Woman
1970- (52)

Stefano Feltri


Tatiana Schlossberg living

Journalist, author
1990- (32)

Thomas White

Investigative journalist, author, politician
1830-1888 (58)

Tim Russert

Journalist, 911 whistleblower, moderator of NBC's Meet the Press
1950-2008 (58)

William Safire

Political commentator, journalist, columnist at the New York Times, author of On Language, Lend Me Your Ears, Freedom
1929-2009 (80)

William Stevenson

Investigative journalist, author of A Man Called Intrepid, Intrepid's Last Case
1924-2013 (89)

Yossef Bodansky

Journalist, writer, Buntings map of the World in a Cloverleaf, Belt and Road Project

Yuri Bezmenov

KGB whistleblower, KGB agent defector, KGB defector, worked as a journalist for CBC in Canada

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