Julie Payette living

29th Governor General of Canada from 2017-2021, jet pilot, electrical engineer, chief astronaut of the Canadian Space Agency, VP for the Canada Lands Company and COO of Montreal Science Centre from 2013-2016
1963- (59)

Philipp Hildebrand living

Banker, financier, vice chairman of BlackRock, chairman of Financial Markets Advisory
1963- (59)

Jordan B. Peterson living

Clinical psychologist, former professor at the University of Toronto, political commentator, politics
1962- (60)

Henry Makow living

Journalist, feminism writer, Ph.D. in English Literature, political commentator, politics, NWO whistleblower, author of Illuminati
1949- (73)

Malcolm Knight living

Economist, banker, senior deputy governor and COO of the Bank of Canada from 1999-2003, professor of Finance at the London School of Economics and Political Science, director at Center for International Governance Innovation (CIGI)
1944- (78)

Barry Sherman

Billionaire, philanthropist, founder of Apotex pharmaceuticals, he was murdered with his wife Honey Sherman in 2017
1942-2017 (75)

Yuri Bezmenov living

KGB whistleblower aka Tomas Schuman, Soviet defector, PGU KGB informant who worked as a journalist for CBC in Canada and formerly with Novosti Press Agency, author of Love Letter to America in 1985
1939-1993 (54)

Jim Fleck living

Industrialist, businessman, founder of Fleck Manufacturing (NOMA Industries) lighting and electrical supplies
1931- (91)

John Strachan

Educator, clergyman, 1st Anglican Bishop of Toronto
1778-1867 (89)

Jeff Skoll

Billionaire, founder of eBay and one of the largest individual shareholders, bought out PayPal

John Rothschild

Chairman & CEO at Prime Restaurants of Canada, previously SVP at CARA Operations (Recipe Unlimited)

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