Christopher, Lord Geidt living

Principal private secretary to Queen Elizabeth II from 2007-2017, Crossbench party politician, member of the UK House of Lords, chairman of the Council of Kings College London
1961- (61)

Michael Dobson living

Chairman and CEO of Schroders from 2001-2016, former CEO of Morgan Grenfell Group from 1989-1996, director of Deutsche Bank from 1996-2000
1952- (70)

John Browne, Baron Browne of Madingley living

CEO of BP from 1995-2007
1948- (74)

Harold W. Rosenthal

Diplomat, aide to US senator Jacob Javits, killed in a terrorist attack in Istanbul
1947-1976 (29)

Sir Andrew Crockett

General Manager of the Bank for International Settlements (BIS) from 1994-2003, executive director at the Bank of England, formerly a member of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) from 1972-1989
1943-2012 (69)

Marshall McLuhan

Professor, philosopher, pioneer in communications theory, television, TV media theory, cybernetics, coined the phrase "the medium is the message"
1911-1980 (69)

Homi (H.J.) Bhabha

Scientist, physicist, mechanical engineer, inventor, research in cosmic rays and quantum theory
1909-1966 (57)

Charles Webster

Historian, foreign diplomat, member of the League of Nations (United Nations)
1886-1961 (75)

Lord Esher

Liberal politician, courtier, influencer, publicist, fixer of public opinions
1852-1930 (78)

James Dewar

Inventor of the thermos, Dewar bottle or thermo flask, vacuum flask or the Dewar flask, physicist, chemist, known for liquid hydrogen/oxygen and cryogenic storage, Fullerian Professor of Chemistry at the Royal Institution in London
1842-1923 (81)

Emma Rothschild

Economic historian, economist

Frederick Denison Maurice

editor of Metropolitan Quarterly magazine, author of The History of the Puritans

Herbert Butterfield

Professor of History, historian

Joseph Jacobs

Folklore scholar, writer, author

Dr. Sydney Brenner

Chief biotech advisor for the Weizmann Institute of Science

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